Wednesday, December 27

Packin it up

Going to good old Florida tomorrow for a bit of family fun. Should be about 75 degrees with clear skys. Nice. I actually packed the trainer in a duffle bag for the visit. I pulled a slick mountain tire out and i am planning on stealing my moms Trek hybrid for some base mile action. Since the only way to go up in FL is to ride an overpass, and i have not-so-fond memories of dodging Armadillo carcases during college summers, i plan to avoid riding on the pavement. Plus, it just takes forever. At least they will feel my presence out on the patio instead of far off in the swamps.
We are flying back to the IE on the 2nd, and my parents moving van, which will move them to Sacramento, is coming on the 3rd. I wonder what we will be doing...None the less, it is always better than working. Well, my job is pretty cool from time to time...

Tuesday, December 19

I found some stuff..

Like my USB chord. Again. But then i lost one glove. Just one. I have 4 pairs of cycling gloves, some with long fingers, some stained with blood from my last nose bleed during a long climb, and some so old that there is no purpose in wearing them at all. The only valueble pair of gloves i have today are my Mountain Hardware COLD weather gloves. I have to wear them in the house, in the car, and anywhere in my mountain town. And, i only have one. Jason mocked me with some lame correlation to Michael Jackson, which in anger, i threw the right handed glove...somewhere. Now i just went to the car to get my coffee mug and there, under the drivers seat, was the LEFT hand glove. Once again, i am not too proud to say, i am wearing one glove.

On our thanksgiving trip, i only took one picture. This is Jason and Uriah VERY excited to be photographed, in our very small hotel with no phone.

Sometimes, Dozer wants to play, with my foot. Good thing he doesnt go for my cankle with its succulent flesh!

Christmas in a warmer place, like another continent would be nice. These boys are just cooling off from the hot summer weather. That is Rouru, my brother in law and of course Griffyn.

This mornings inside temp is actually 3 degrees WARMER than yesterdays. We have run into an energy snaffoo as we try to heat our poorly insulated mountain pad. Before we went to bed we actually got the temp up to 59, what a nice feeling. I had been keeping it at 61 degrees all the time with the GIANT propane heater. BUt, the propane ran out after 3 weeks. This stinks because it is a costly resource. We know it is the lack of insulating and archaic windows and the cold air whipping through the door jams and the fact that the heater is very inefficiant. So now, back to chopping wood and waking up on rotations during the night to "stoke the fire" I just hope pet doesnt freeze while we are absent. Last night i put him in a down sleeping bag because he was literally shivering. What a powder puff.

Monday, December 11

it has begun, finally, i think...

Winter that is. But i think it may be lying to us. I woke up Sunday morning and i could see the snow line out the window and the ice crystals on the banister. the fog was hovering closer than it has since March, and the mountain traffic has slowed about 15 MPH. It must be winter.

IT HAS...BEEN just a bit since you last got a view into what in the world is going on. There are somethings that make me laugh OUT LOUD even NOW as they have happened a few weeks back.
1.) I go mtn biking on fridays with the girls from work. we are a chill group, just out there looking at the sand. I asked one coworker if she wanted to join us. she said should could not because someone stole something off her bike. What was it i asked? Her wheels. Plural. She had not noticed and the crime must have taken place early last year. hmmm. Hard core for sure. Also, she said i was allowed to mock her on my blog....

2.) Another friend has a young girl, about 8, who REALLY likes to wear her bikini under everything, everywhere. He had gotten a bit tired of this drama, so as they left for their christmas piano recital, he rifled through his drawer and found his bright, red, lifeguard SPEEDO, from way back in the glory days. He pulled it on over his dress pants and proudly marched to the car. "Look, the whole family is going to wear their bathing suits to the concert. This is fun." Needles to say, the young one started to shed her layers right there as she ran flailing into the house, trying to rid herself of her once loved swimmers. I LOVE it!

3.) Shelli saw something HORRIBLE hahahhaha in Hulda Crooks that made her RUN AWAY, doubling her projected run time, and upsetting the pristine balance of her belly. procreation has many locations.

4.) I had to ride my bike to work. It was 24 degrees. They had sanded for ICE. There was water everywhere. i thought of a happy place.

Monday, November 27

No photos, dang

HOLIDAY/HONEYMOON: So, have you ever been to Mammoth? Have you ever found a reason to go beyond, that thin strip of high way called the 395? Don't. Just kidding. But if you continue on, you will pass Bodie, a historic Ghost Town. Then 120 leading into the back side of Yosemite, and when you sneeze or glance down at your cell phone that is in fact, accepting no cell at all, you will pass by Colevill, CA. Jason and i headed up there, about 7 h 30 min from FF for Thanksgiving to see Uriah, the small one. I packed the cooler with all food imaginable, it was NOT in the budget to eat out on this trip. We scraped together all our wedding money, gassed up the Sub and headed north. The hotel we stayed in didnt have a phone in the room and with the lack of cell service, i became worried, twice.

The weather was blistery and dry, forcing me to apply ample amounts of Natural Ice chapstick through out the stay. The company was pleasent enough, Uriahs mom, her husband, and Uriahs brother and sister and random military folk. The only reason they live there, or anyone lives there for that matter is the military training center. Sure beats Iraq though. Uriahs step dad was on track for his 3rd deployment when they relocated.

The new graze, i guess, is a deep fried turkey. I had two of them over the holiday, and supposedly they keep in the moisture better and hold in the taste. Whatever. i just know it wasnt tofu.

TRAINING RIDES: i found myself in unfamiliar sticks, laden with high winds and freezing temps. This posed quite a problem as i snuggly stuffed myself into my lycra. So i decided i would hit up the trainer big time. This made for an awkward moment. The only place i could fit without totally annoying everyone else was the bathroom. With handle bars on the outside of the door and me and the bike in the bathroom i could hardly see the glare of the TV as it spit out oddities like "I shouldn't Be Alive" and "Man Vs. Wild" now that is ALL i would watch if i had a TV at home! None the less, calories were burned and the pores were cleaned out.

1. I have a student teacher, i actually knew him in college, and well, we just play all day and talk about innovative ways to play dodge ball or trick children into running a mile without actually knowing it.
2.Said student teacher asked me about a HUGE fiasco that left my entire college basketball team in shambles, hating eachother, crying, and wishing for that greener grass that would never come. I COULD NOT REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED!i still know it was really stressful and certain people still wont talk to eachother due to the way the chips fell, and i was a big player in the thing, but i have no clue about the particulars and when i tried to explain it, i sounded really stupid. So time really does clear some things up.
3. Dozers mom had another litter of small pets. Get yours while they are hot!
4. Charity bike ride at the Azure Hills SDA church Sunday, 8am. For the good of the children and the food bank. Be there.
5. It MIGHT snow tonight.

Monday, November 13

The Cycling Continuum

To start things off, we have to welcome SITKA to the pet family. He is with Suzanne, my sister-in-law in this picture. I think he is about 9 months old. He seems a bit on the evil side, maybe it is the white eye brows or something. Jeremy and Suzanne had him for a weekend, they act as a Husky Foster home at times. Then they just kept him, making him NUMBER 4!!!!!!

But he is a good boy, even bell trained. They put a cow bell on the sliding glass door and he rings it when he needs to go out. Unlike Sherpa, who simply pees on the door during the night, thinking he is outside. He is now leashed to the bed at night. The other two pets are Glacier and Koho.

In rare Britney Spears Fashion: oops i did it again.

Poor, poor Jason. The ride was titled the HELL RIDE for a reason.

The trail: Santa Ana River Trail.

The Terrain: Rocks, sand, pebbles, ACORNS (of death), leaves, roots, lunar scape (burned areas) and shear cliffs.

The Length: Oh, only about 27 miles

The Company: Just a few, about 34

If you are up to date, as you should be, with my blog, you know that the new husband and even more newely converted cyclist, has gone on a few rides. Now i used to bail out and leave him to his devices, but now his shiney bike awaits the hitch rack as he sits poised on the futon, wearing the same jersey he wore yesterday with the same tufts of helmet hair sticking out of his helmet vents. He MUST come a long.

But a ride of this magnitude is stressful. There are people all "racered out like spandex warriors" (direct quote) that push the pace. The first 20 minutes found him gasping for any semblance of oxygen in the crisp mountain air. I had the dubious distinction of riding SWEEPER, cleaner upper and the one who wards off monsters. This put me last in the pack, strategicly placed to help Jason as well as the others who, literally, only ride once a year.

Through all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, scraped shins, near death drops onto holly bushes, Jason was planning his next adventure. Although it would be approximately 3 hours 25 minutes shorter then the ride being completed, it would happen none the less.

I had a good time too, and saw some crazy wild techniques and had some great laughs. One guys did a number on his derailur hanger, and there was nothing i could do to bend it back and get the chain out of the spokes. Then a rider came UP the SART and said "Hey Joy!! SOmeone took your bike!!" Actually, i was loaning the good ol' Gary Fisher Sugar to a friend of the crew, who was riding up the trail from me. I have a habit of having things that stand out, so good to know that if one of my bikes actually WAS stollen, the cycling community would have my back and pretty much take them down.

The guys who stopped was BRIAN BLAIR, used to ride with the Warrior Society, who is a mechanic, and fixed the rear der!!! NOw THAT Is what the cycling community is all about!!!

This ride was STELLAR hahahah, funny word. But truly, to have from the novice athlete through the Pro rankings, they all came out and rode together. Nodody was throwing down or strutting their Pecock feathers. Everyone was helping someone else, supporting and cheering. Christie organized the ride through her "very important job" and it is a yearly tradition for them.

Friday, November 3

bottles of death

"Don't drink water from a bottle that has been sitting in your car. Heated plastic will bleed toxic substances that can be carcinogenic. Don't heat or freeze in plastic for the same reason. Heat in glass. Do NOT cook in olive oil at high heat. This too is carcinogenic. It is fine to saute in olive oil but if you are browning or frying, use canola oil. Spices that are cancer preventative, particularly prostate and colon cancer, are cinnamon and tumeric. "

I got this quote off of Sheryl Crows official website regarding her bout with Breat Cancer. I drink out of my cycling bottles everyday and sometimes they get really hot in my car, or i put coffee in them (totally extreme situations only). My brother Jeremy told me to stop using Nalgene bottles and to go totally glass. SO, mission number one: FInd a class bottle that i can take EVERYWHERE with me like a cycling one...

Be healthy!

Wednesday, November 1

Hardest Day at work...

First, i eat yogurt every day. I abhor fruit on the bottom, yet i continue to accidently purchase it, and not realize what it actually is until i have dug in.

Wedding gift from my coworkers: Paid the tab on Jason's Fat Pussom Mountain Bike

A brief Honeymoon night sported by my mountain bike pals: The Mission Inn

An excellent sponsorship package and support from: Team Jose Ole

A working heater in the house: The fire place was literally filling the house and loft - where we sleep (pet included) with smoke. The chimney was swept two times and different wood was used. Finally we resorted to the huge propane heater. Although it took us well over 30 minutes to figure out how to jerry-rig it so that it stays on, it works. It smelled like cat urine for awhile and Jason and i stare helplessly down into the abyss that holds the piping hot coils, a straw, a baby spoon and tooth brush, Dozers fur and cobwebs. So far, nothing has ignited.

Oh yes, the hardest day: Monday was parent teacher conferences at the school i work at. We were all slotted to be there and available for 15 minute appointments from 7am until 6pm. I had.....NOBODY sign up to see me, the entire day!!! So i arrived at around 8:15 and left at 5pm. I did grading, attendence, and lesson plans. We also got lunch from La Basil. What a very difficult day.

That evening, I convinced Jason to come with me to the high school barn party at Riley Farms. This place was crazy. We were in the old packing shed where we drank apple cider, square danced and had a soup contest. I was a bit disgruntled that mine did not win, but i guess you have to let the kids win every now and again.
Thanx cousin Malora for fixing my hair! (and Audrey and Ector for finding the foliage for my du)

Our bride/groom cake from Martha Greens!

The reception, thank you SALLY AND RICH for sharing your awesome home!!!

So it is a bit out of focus... but this is us in the Historic Riverside Court House. the Judge was awesome!!! "I would highly suggest ceremony C. It is short and to the point yet personal enough to make it special." Super

Saturday, October 28

One Year and counting...

This blog has existed for just a little over one year. I think i will keep it up, although i will make a resolution to post more photos, for sure!!

This weekend road rides head you towards billows of smoke as usual. Although they are hanging high in the sky and towards the east, they still loom. The mountain bike trails are littered with pine neetles and acorns that act as a slip and slide. So i opted to sleep and eat. which makes you fat and slow. Not really, i did ride, but Jason and i hit up an excellent bbq/house warming/birthday party today. There was chocolate, cheese, devilled eggs and everything else you would like.

Small nephew Griffyn went to see the grandparents in FL one last time (They are moving to Sacramento) and found an excellent spot to hang out.

Friday, October 27


Just like in the magazines, when something is misrepresented, spelled wrong, or completely off the wall to begin with, they write in the next issue, in a small box in the editorial section what they have done wrong. Now whether or not the wronged parties ever find out is never known, but ill-penned authors feel all that much better about themselves.

Now, some may have found one and a half comments in a previous post, which is now absent, to be a bit brash and of the unprofessional nature.

Heres the deal: I have nothing but the utmost respect for ALL my fellow racers. We are all on the same emotional, athletic, and spiritual roller coaster that could buck any one of us off at any given second. We each come to the plate with our own set of oddities, and as you all know, i am definately not protected from this affliction. Rarely can i find my shoes, sometimes i wear hawaiin raps instead of pants, my kit looks like a pinata and i have big teeth. I talk too much and at times my mental filter is malfunctioning.

Point being, i wouldn't race if it wasn't for the people i race with and against. You girls have given me the motivation and the desire to train, eat moderatly well (check out the new Buffalo Ranch Doritos...) and be a better person.

See you on the trails.

Monday, October 16

A-N-D-R-U-C-Z-Y-K get it straight!

It rained on Saturday, it was fogged in on sunday, but Forest Falls had a huge shaft of sun!!!!!

Saturday, October 14

The things I hate...

Places I have fallen asleep lately:
1. Dental Chair
2. Aesthetician Chair (bit of a brow trimming)
3. Tanning bed (lame attempt to get rid of cycling lines)
4. During a pedicure

Things i hate now:
1. Filing teeth down
2. The stupid massage thing on the pedicure chair, makes me feel like i will vomit!
3. Someone else cutting my nails
4. Rain, its raining the day before my outdoor wedding reception, suspect!!!

Race Recap: Last weekend was the Fall Classic. A bit of a podium shot, it was just the two of us in our class, about 10 experts total. i think i came in 3rd overall. it was a good day but not an exciting day by any means. i took a tumble on Fall Line and acrued blunt force trauma bruises to both patellas and my forearm. This totally flared up that knee issue i got in April at Sagebrush. Oops.

THis week i have been laclusterly not riding. its ok though. Jason and i hit up Loch Leven one morning as i lined out the reception tables in my head.

The family is knocking and the favors need to be finished. A picnic is to be had at the Falls, hopefully not too wet and cold. I also need to get a jacket for tomorrow, i feel like it will be chilly!!

Saturday, October 7

Grey tooth and other oddities

GREY TOOTH: This story began in the spring of 2001 as i rode my bike the 2 miles to a very exciting Statistics class. This particular morning i was wearing no helmet, gloves, riding shoes, or super hero outfit. I took a digger about 200 yards from my front door on solid asphalt. The abrubt stop left me with a split open forehead, 3 teeth basically gone, a hole in my chin and my left palm, a broken watch and sunglasses, and a skinned up knee. By late afternoon i had 3 "new" teeth that have lasted until that incident with the nerd rope a few months back. Thus began the teeth bleaching. Once they reached a certain level of bling, the dentist pull off the compositis and replaced them with temporary teeth, which have lasted about 3 weeks. This is when Jason began calling me Grey Tooth because all the others were shining and the dull temps were collecting EVERYTHING! As of Tuesday, i have three porceline veneers, just like on Extreme Makeover. You know, when they take women who have had a hard run of things and put them through a blender and chances are they come out looking like a drag queen. I did ask if boobs were an option too for me. They said no. So now, my pearly whites are just that, WHITE.

LINGERIE PARTY: not quite sure how you spell that, but whatever! Last Saturday there was a bit of party on my behalf. They should have known better! People know how i freak out if i am the center of attention. It was like group therapy through laughter. There were some pictures to post, but we just wont go there. sorry fan club.

JASON, THE CYCLIST: After a saturated fat filled breakfast at The Oaks last sunday, the boy and i headed to Big Bear. The goal was to pre-ride the Fall Classic course, which i will race tomorrow. There are some down hill sections i wanted to get a good visual of before actually racing on them. Now this course is 18 miles long with about 80% fireroad and the single track goes way too fast. The climbing is moderate, if you compare it to Brian Head or something stupid like that. I keep forgetting that Jason is riding a BIG bike, a bit on the heavy side, with flat pedals and old riding shorts from my "bigger" days. I will preface with the fact that he made it ALL THE WAY!!! I was so proud of him! However, he was very rude and called me a liar about 62 times, walked his bike a bit, and swore he would hitch a ride home. Other than that, it was great. I guess i used all the bad phrases like "we are almost done climbing" or "Just around the corner" and other such nonesense. So maybe it was a bit much to bite off after him just riding up and down Loch Leven, once. But yesterday i bought him "The Zinn of MOutnain Bike Maintenance" because he has promised to come to as many of my fantastic events as possible and make sure my bikes are in tip top shape. Now that, my friends, is commitment!!! Also, he got a box in the mail yesterday from Performance with Pearl Izumi shoes, a greatful dead jersey, and stealth mat-black helmet and some shorts from Fox. Yup, hes hooked!!!

IS THERE A WEDDING? Um yes. Now i totally promise that there will be pictures to post from that one! Family will start arriving on Tuesday, first to come sister Julene From New Zealand. Then the parents from Florida/Sacramento and Friday brother from Colorado. Uriah will be traveling down with Jasons mom, who the kid has actually never met and Jason hasnt seen his mom for about 5 years, so this is actaully a very important weekend. We are going the chill mode with a private family ceremony in Riverside and then a bit of a mountain reception up here in Forest Falls. I am quite excited about the tables. It is amazing what you find to obsesse about during such functions. I realize that this is just a mid-scale party celebrating Jason and I, so why get all crazy about it. There is nobody to really impress and the fact that i am going to be wearing a dress should be impressive enough, thats for sure! I am contemplating doing the nails thing again, but i am not fully committed yet!

CONSERVATIONISTS: if you have seen Uncle Greg Johnsons car parked at Loch Leven or Angeles Oaks recently with a plastic trashbag by the trunk, dont jump to odd conclusions. He has taken upon himself to clean up the forest. Any trash found in the parking area gets placed in that bag and i am sure he picks up stuff on the ride as well. IF you are lucky enough to ride with him, DO NOT throw your Gu wrappers in the woods, or he will swiftly get Edward to take you down. So maybe on your next ride, pick up some trash too.

OLD SCHOOL RACERS: Speaking of Ed and Greg, all the old, i mean "LEGENDS" are going to be out racing the Fall Classic tomorrow. There is no money on it yet, but Uncle Greg says he is going to come off the couch and beat my time. I told him that if he does, it is simply gravity pulling him down faster on the descents. It has nothing to do with skill.

Friday, September 22

Two to Go

cal state races, that is, until the season is officially over. I have sworn off any notion of cyclocross so that october 23 will officially mark the start of base training. i cant wait actually.

This past weekend i raced up in Big Bear where i squeaked out another top spot on the podium, out of three. All in all it was a great day. I knew i had to hammer the climbs with Essence and Heidi trailing because they tend to catch up on the descents. I made a large enough lead on those hills to keep me a good 2 and half minutes out in front.

Jason and Dozer came along for the fun, making it Jasons first ever mountain bike day in big bear. I mean he was actually riding a bike!!!! The tables have truly turned and i feel like we have a cyclist on our hands. if you look really close, you can see green lycra peeking above his cargo shorts, he has vowed to never wear them solo, but he now understands that they at least need to be under the outer layer. We are going halves on a bike for his wedding gift, pretty much the coolest gift EVER. He has been riding to work and lamenting on the fatigue in his legs. He has suffered a very large gash on his right shin due to an unruly stick, all of which i take much pleasrue in. Yesterday he said, "well i might be late, i am going on a ride." DANG - that was my line!!!! That is so not fair!!! He hates the old helmet i gave him, so we may have to transition to a full face. he only really likes going down things. Last weekend he had me haul him and pet to the top of Morton Peak so they could bomb down. They were covered with a thick layer of powdery dust for a few days. Since all the CDF guys pretty much tore up that road during the last fire.

Oh yes, those wheels of mine. I guess i was a little un prepared for their rapid turnaround and customer care. The wheel i "broke" was a prototype, one of a kind. By the axl (actually the cups on the end were stripped) bending, this was a huge deal. It needed to be sent to Taiwan so they could fix their design. Pretty cool! By friday a new wheel was in town, another carbon that is shinier than the last. It rode well and took the pounding of trails like Fall LIne just fine!

Now, i have to teach. Maybe one day i will post a photo, but probably not!

Sunday, September 10

Sorry Pets!!

Hello my friends, family, and arch enemies. Although i do not slack off on this blogging mission as much as other people....i have not kept you adequately informed!!

FAVORITE DAY AT WORK: so far!This past friday i turned right out of Valley of the Falls drive instead of left and down into the dismal Inland Empire. I headed to Big Bear where i spent the day in the shade with the seniors as we traversed a ropes course with the intent to bond and hurdle some fears. Totally the best way to earn a pay check. This day totally beat out last friday, eventhough i spent the day at Yucaipa Regional Park with the entire high school going down water slides and swimming in the lagoon. Until the bb day, this was my favorite day at work.

LEAST FAVORITE DAY AT WORK: so far! All week days preceeding this past friday where i spent up to 8 hours on the football field with a myriad of girls over heating and seeing splotches due to the 106 degree weather.

A Bit of A Race: Thank you for rest! I felt a bit of a slacker as i skipped some recent workouts. However, this proved to have the opposite effect. I did a little race in Santa Barbara, part of the Cal State series where i podiumed for the first time since June. Since last season i did all local races, i landed a spot in the top three (out of three) at all the events. This year, having my ego bruised on a weekly basis on the national circuit has proven a little less fruitful in the hardware department. But those races sure taught me to suffer and to push through, which definatly helped me hammer to a first place finish, out of three.

This was a redemption race because in June this is where i got hypernatremia and puked a lot. This time i felt strong the entire time and was able to push myself harder than ever before. for the first time in months i felt like i was racing, not just holding on by a string and being chucked down a mountain by two big circles held together by some form of metal.

Low point: I TOTALLY bend the axel on my rear wheel! Very odd i know. I guess those covert training ops have really upped my wattage! Who knows with carbon wheels that cost a good percentage of the Jeep, i guess they cut weight in other places to. But due to the fact that they are created by an obscure German company that nobody has ever seen, the turn around on the product could take oh about 13 weeks. But now i realize why it felt like i was towing my bob trailer....

Wednesday, August 30

I drove to Big Bear to get Taco Bell

And i didn't even eat it. Here's the deal. there is a bit of a fire down in Mentone and up Morton Peak area that is "threatening the woods." Now it really isn't going to go to Forest Falls, but it cuts off HWY 38, the way home. Yesterday it was quite fantastic especially when it was 105 degrees outside. Here's the sad thing: : "Officials have determined illegal and negligent target shooting as the cause of the wild fire in the San Bernardino Mountains." Thanx loosers. next time, just build a bon fire. Reason number 52 that guns are bad.

The Exodus
I snuck behing a Sheriff and made it to Forest Falls before the road was closed. In the woods ash was already falling and the 4pm sky resembled that of dooms day as the blood red sun snuck behind the smoke plumes. I headed out of town towards Angeles Oaks, that was the only way out. The road between FF and Big Bear was desolate. Not a single car. As the red sun was dropping, casting erie shadows, i could only think of bad things to come. The metropolis of Big Bear beckoned me with it neon lights and season only toy shops. This is when i hit up Taco Bell, a place i usually shun. My choices were slim. McDonalds - don't even get me started on that one; greasy mex places (But there is always the one where we start the races, gotta love that one.) But when on EVAC status, no time to dine in.

Now I didn't have to leave. The sheriff didnt knock on the door, the locals didn't flee. But i have to make a living or go through the motions of making a living, down in the nasty nasty valley. The option i took was to drive up and retrieve the bikes (duh) properly place PET with Jason (who doesn't leave the mountain until the flames are literally licking at his heels) and get some clothes so i don't have to waste time and scrilla at Target (which i am actually banned from due to an over spending issue).

HWY 330 was closed for some construction so the only artery out of the mountains, besides Yucca or other unmentionable "high desert locals" would be the 18. This road is of the devil. All mountain traffic packed onto a poorly banked, awful lighting, double laned, race the dark. This is why i did not eat my dinner. I am a pro at eating and driving. This time, i white nuckled it, screened cell phone calls and turned off the music. Just kidding. it is a crazy road though.

Down here on the flat lands i have more than enough to do. Pace out a mile on the track. Make jr. high girls to tae bo in a classroom. "What? Are you complaining?? Do you want to go outside? We were supposed to run a mile today!! Are you ready for that? Huh? huh? You think that is bad air quality? try living in India. Ugh. Oh you have your school picture today? Just put your hair in a pony tail, thats how i always wear it, and it looks good." Sorry. I digress. I spend a lot of time convincing children that exercise is fun.

I am actually have a fantastic week, actually riding my bikes (eek) and expiriencing an overall sense of life enjoyment.

My cycling sails were deflated, so i backed way off, worked on the inside (tear) and got back to the center. Overtrained cyclists, you know what i am talking about.

Peace out and watch that buck shot. They make shooting ranges for a purpose GO AND SHOOT THINGS THERE

Saturday, August 19

Random, quite

This is what i drive down into every day going to Redlands. See that line in the sky? I wonder if it has caloric value.

These are Jeremy and Suzanne's pets in Colorado. Glacier, Sherpa, and Coho. They even have a sled to pull on the snow and a wagon to pull on the road!! Jason wants to breed one with Dozer to create the Bulsky, the most powerful dog ever with phenomenal endurance and very odd looking fur.

Santas Workshop

I became quite bored tonight, sad for the last saturday night of summer, school starts on monday! So i stripped down the sugar and spit shined it. Got a flat to fix on the 9.8 and Hulda Crooks dirt to remove. I will maybe clean the roadie up a bit, gotta take her out for a spin tomorrow!


I REALLY took stuff apart! I think it will ok though. There was dirt from here to Vermont stuck in that thing, so it needed to be done. Uncle Greg is looking at this and freaking out. Dont worry, if it gets real bad, i will get some help!

Enthusiastically Participating

Somehow i convinced Jason to go to Doheney State beach with me and a bunch of the 11th graders and their parents today. A great time was had by all.

Monday, August 14

Give me your bottle lids, now

it was 4:40am in the Denver Airport, today. I threw my toothpaste in the trash, another $2.19 wasted. Security man #1 tells me to dump out .09oz of water in the trash can. i nicely ask him if he wants me to replace my lid, he says yes. TSA lady says "excuse me, i will need to remove your lids. you can elect to mail them home, go and check them with your baggage, or throw them away." thank you for the wonderful and profound options. I am now minus two bike bottle lids.

Heres the pros: i came in 2nd overall for the norba national series open womens short track. I also came in 3rd overall for the same series in expert women 19-29 for cross country. I guess the reward for traveling hundreds of miles, throwing my body down mountains and slogging through mud since april is a nice, small, placque. Thank you NORBA.

Heres some more pros: i totally hit the wall on sunday's XC course. Thats ok though, you gotta learn what it feels like sometimes. The mental trauma to convince myself to complete the dang thing was almost more than i could bear. Speaking of BEAR...

Bear Naked Cannondale gave Ma and Pa a t-shirt, so they hooked me up. Bright Orange, in true Jose Ole style, i was wearing at LAX, (while i waited for my 20 minute commuter flight to Ontario) while i sat in Starbucks, a place i usually do not promote. This lady comes up to me and says do you work for them? Um, no. So i guess she knows the founder. So i told her that in 8 years, when i am pro and all, i would like to ride for their team. so we will see what happens.

Benefits of being an expert: i read somewhere that you are not truly an expert at something until you have done it for 10 years. I guess i have 9 to go. by then i can go to Masters worlds. But we have these magnificent start times: 7:30am, 9:00am. usually still fogged in and cool. Then there is the benifit of riding with 14 year olds. Since i am a teacher by nature, i tend to hang out with them, especially when they take huge diggers in the woods and ball their eyes out. It is just like 9th grade PE. where better for a little counseling than in a thick forest in a foreign town?

Only thing that kept me going: So on the second lap i was flying solo, off the back. i saw Adam Craig, Carl Decker, and one of those Huge Kona boys out toolin around. Exciting for sure. As i crested a climb, probably pushing my bike due to the fact that my legs were on vacation, i saw them again! truly exciting this time. As i continued down the fantastic single track through the dense forest, a lone expert guy showed up. He had taken a wrong turn and was now on the same voyage as i was, to finish and get the stupid points. I had met him in Deer Valley, i think his name is Justin, nice chap for sure. He brought the news that saved the day. "Adam said to give you a push." or something to that affect. Thank goodness for those pinata uniforms, once someone meets you in them, they will never forget you.

Tuesday, August 8

The Flip Side

The hunt for Bridezilla.....

As i return from Brian Head, UT and NMBS #something, i am faced with the fact that i must attend to the flip side of my life. I am planning in two months what most people take, oh, 15. A wedding is to be had on October 15, strategically placed between the Fall Classic in Big Bear and the Cal State Final in Castaic. Oh please, let the road rash and bruising be minimal! I also was "awakened" to the fact that most of my time goes like this: sleep, ride, stretch, eat, eat, eat, work, sleep. So Jason and i are going to the movies tonight. Maybe i will even fix my hair...nah.

BRIAH HEAD RECAP: My heart was palpating a bit too much and it actually hurt in my little chest cavity. i was really hot most of the weekend while others were doning arm warmers and parkas. The decents were death where i ran/fell/threw myself down faster than actually riding. I nailed it on the climbs and flats (big ring Uncle Greg) but as soon as i dropped onto the single track, the girls i had caught would show up again. Thats ok though, i eeked out a 5th place, having dropped back to 7th for a bit. I was polite to everyone and had an awesome time. Still however, the trash talking resumes and rumors are spread. thats ok though, i have Pet to take care of my problems. SHort track was a 6th place, ok for the day. The worst part ever of the whole weekend was the drive home. My nerves were twinging with Vegas traffic as i assumed most everyone was nearly inebriated or excessively short of sleep, making their attention spans and fortitude in the heat very low. Trevor was my guide for the weekend and thanx to him, we made if back over Cajon without a glitch.

Teri, this one's for you!
So since i am getting ready for wedding and all, i have to buy shoes and stuff. I decided to see how the pedicure/manicure thing works, so it wouldnt be a shocker the day before the event. Oh what a shocker it was non-the-less. There was for sure no english to be had, and i think they were talking about the excessive bruising on my shins and calves. The only other clients were two males getting pedicures, one attaining hot pink polish, because why not! I tried to leave because i thought she was done, but oh no, one more coat to go honey. far out, i dont think i can take these things off with needle-nose pliers! How will i fix my chain? What if a twig gets stuck under there? WAH!

(those really aren't mine) i also cracked and bought some over-priced BOOK of wedding non-knowledge. Why do i care if that dress cost $4,800 plus a limb?

Thursday, August 3

Joy Ride

Go Get em Griff!
what a good boy, riding his bike in the rain in his duck boots! He will be the first Pro Mtn biker from the Cook Islands!
Off to Brian Head tomorrow at 5am, yippee. Two more nationals to go! Just finished making a stellar power point presentation for grad school about what to expect in PE, should be great!

Saturday, July 29


Big break through in the land of blogging: I MADE LINKS ON THE SIDE!! IF you would like to be added to my link list, please submit a 100 word essay on why you deserve the pleasure of being added to my "what i look at list." Pet and i will talk it over, and we will let you know. Winner will get free Chimichangas. If you are already on the list and would like to be removed, please follow the above steps. Prize remains the same.

one day, it was hot. I tend to read a lot random blogs. A recent trend of "poor me's and wahs" is the car thermometer. So far, i win. This was taken last saturday in San Bernardino, CA. Jason and i were on the way to dinner at the Aunts house. Of course no AC, the only way i didnt freak out was to take pictures as the temp went from 111 steadily up to 117. Jason said he would cry if it hit 120, thank goodness i didnt have to go through that. My tank top and skirt were drenched when we arrived. it has been lovely to drive to grad school in 98 degrees the past few days. What a treat! Really!

BINGES: Riding - super stealth training this week, multiple days. I know about it and you can only speculate. But going out this morning, covered in fog-drip was fantastic.

Cooking - since i live in a life-size home now, i can cook. I am not used to the circa 1948 propane stove however, and tend to singe the hair on my arm each time i light the over. This will make me ride faster. Things i have made: Cheese cake; pumpkin-chocolate chip bars; fruited mock-duck curry; tomatoe/basil salad; pita/watercress salad; fruit salad with lime and honey; taco soup. So pretty much i have some left overs, but it tends to act as therapy.

Dozer time - the days are ticking away until i report back to work proper and i can no longer sit around with Pupples T. I totally caught him on the futon, he is actually looking for his bone and he later ate that pillow. When i woke up this morning he was sleeping on the spare bed. Oh well. it is my fault anyways, i am the one that spoiled him.

Friday, July 21

Snack Attack!!

I went to the Elkhorn General Store up at the top of town as i was on my way to visit the old neighborhood. The Pet and i were in need of a snack so this is what we got for 60 cents: Biscuits and Razzmatazz for me!! I think i may have moved on from the Nerd Rope, but they can always be worked back into the mix of things. These salty/sour/sugary treats are quite nice. While surfing for them on the web, i only found this site which made my mouth water.

Snoop Doz and I had a hard day. We did A LOT of yard work and we are not NEAR being done!! He found his first ever pine cone, the big kind, and went at it like it was a hedgehog. Only problem is the sap he is now covered with which in turn picked up dirt, leaves, and creatures.

NOT HELPFUL: Here you get a glimps of the "SUmmer Kitchen." There is still a lot of work to be done, and many leaves to be moved from all around it, but it is a fantastic set up for bbq's and sitting in the cool air. Mosquitoes seem to be less than up the canyon, as well as spiders, all for that!! Doz loves it out here because it is so cool, and it is a perfect spot to set up the trainer for early morning rides. Doz met the neighbor today. He was grilling his hot dogs and Pet timed it jus right to meet up right as he took them off the grill and he politely sat and waited for his share. Good thing the neighbor didnt give in, others have not been so strong, and Snoop came back to the yard, sad.

PS: Do you like my new Profile Photo?? It took me quite awhile to find that one. I will break down and buy some Jose Ole Prodcuts and take pictures of me and pet eating them for a future blog.

PSS: My friend Haley is thinking of making a coffee table book titled "Baking With Barbie." Would you like to see some of the proofs? The book will highlight Barbie Stew, Barbie Kabab, frozen Barbie and many more. Feel free to suggest other forms in which a Barbie could be cooked!

Thursday, July 20

8 weeks to a thinner you...

And other scams. This headline is what met me as i opened up Yahoo News this morning, i mean afternoon when i finally arose from doing some serious sleep-debt payback. But why do i still feel like i got run over by a small farm machine?

So as soon as i am done here i will start planning my next 8 weeks to being gaunt, i mean skinny. Maybe they will suggest parking in the farthest spot from the grocery store and foregoing all condiments, even cream in the coffee. sure, that is really going to shed the pounds.

I did my cycling at the gym yesterday because a) it was reallly hot outside b) free hot water, no worries about the propane % c) my ability to self-motivate is at an all-time low. I cant go in there and ride the bike for 15 minutes and pretend i am all bad, you actually have to stay awhile. I did, however, run into some problems. I go to the farthest corner of the aerobics room, by the step boxes and boxing bags and usually turn the lights off. But they still come. People see me in there, are you teaching a class?? What? In the corner with my iPod and alone? NO! But they proceed to PULL not properly move the bikes across the floor. Once again i have to digress from my workout to instruct them on proper bike movement, even though they should not be there. Then they ride it like a BMX bike, knees hitting their chest, one speed all out. They see me climb out of the saddle and they follow, leaning on the handle bars, feet spinning out of control like the Road Runner. At least it took some of the pain away while i wondered how i would tell them that they needed bilateral knee replacements.


This is the Spare Room. i havent had one of these, ever in my life. if there was a room, someone was living in it or was at college put lived in it on weekends or holidays. please notice the yellow bike, thats the new one! Yes, the Sonoma number plate is still on it, but i HAVE NOT ridden it since!! And yes, i do know that the other bike has no seat. There is even a mattress under this bed, it is supposed to be a bunk bed but there is NO way it would ever fit! So slumber parties are definately being planned for the near future!!

LIVING ROOM: Please know that my old house was NO LARGER THAN THIS ROOM!! I realized today that Dozer sleeps on the futon, which is why there is a cover on the cover. I also have no idea what to do with the blue ethernet cord, there is only one phone jack that works. Maybe a huge rug. I am also afraid of the wood stove, but i am sure that will pass.

No more tour pictures today. Tomorrow we may head outside to the "Summer Kitchen" and i will highlight some of the other high end features!

Bikes All Around: I mentioned before that i went to my buddy Haidi's bday party. well she got hooked up with a killer bike! Basket and all. The seat was falling into the frame so i went to the car and got my tools and fixed it. THis actually made me look like a freak, so did the 37 on my calf from the race earlier that day. If they only knew...

Wednesday, July 19

One at A Time

One little photo at a time, you can see a bit of what im talking about. This is Ruger, Dozers brother. Bets are being placed on who would win in a tussle.

Ok, so Snoopy Dozzy Doz takes a lot of naps. I really want to super-impose the pictures of the pets on each other to see how they really match up!

Once again, Griffyn with not much clothes on. This kid is crazy and i am quite excited that he and his mom are coming over from New Zealand for my little wedding!

So i have no pictures of races or events or neat things like that. Maybe by the end of the season i will catch some good ones so that i can share! Tomorrows pictures will cover the HOUSE that i now hang out in and that has internet! Thank goodness!

I am quite void of funny stories too, a bit of a let down i must say.

Tuesday, July 18


Sorry for sure, it has taken me a year and a half to update this thing! So much has happened, not happened, or will happen that i do not even know where to begin!!

WHY DID I NOT UPDATE?: Thank you for asking! I no longer have internet at home. It MAY resume on the 24th, but who really knows. At the same time, my computer was taken at work for upgrading, forcing me to poach a front office computer between the hours of 9 and 9:15 (summer hours of course) or go to Kinkos and use my nonexistant credit card to get online simply to check out peoples info.

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?: Well, once again, thank you for probing. First i went to Deer Valley Utah then i went to my house. Then i went to Sonoma CA then Pismo then my house.

DV: Did a little bike race here. This was fun and family man freeman carted us all around in a suburban and we all stayed in style and comfort and raced so nice little trails. Didnt place so good, but thats ok. I had things to work on like dont freak out and ideas like think about racing, not dozer or snacks I also really worked on my descending and rode all the nasty little tricky spots.

SONOMA: I went solo on this one in the fantastic non-AC jeep (they told me $800 to fix it, so i drove the back way) the jeep also decided to over heat numerous times and leave gallons of coolant all over I5. Interesting things: Saw a truck tire BLOW off on I5. Saw a semi use the "runaway truck ramp" on the 101. Decided i would never ever live off the 5 bewteen here and pretty much mt shasta. awful places for sure. If you ever have to move to Shafter or Coalinga, i am sorry. I also saw Onions, tomatoes, hay, alfalfa and garlic ALL OVER the road and when i drove behind those wonderful trucks, all above mentioned treats ended up in the car due to all the windows being open.

I got to the venue at 4:54pm. Registration closed at 5pm, forever, i was stressed, only a little though. haha. After being told by Trek Josh that i was too amped up to preride with him (shocking after 10 hours alone and 4 dr. peppers) i checked out the course and realized that all my contacts for a place to stay had never called me back and i had never thought about it. oops. so at 8:20pm i am cruising Napa trying to remember where my non-Aunt lives. It all worked out, but i kinda added some stress.

XC: This was fun and quite interesting, but ended up being very disturbing. I felt really good the whole. Actually strong and condifent. I came in last in my category. SO it that a bad thing???? I still beat the usuals in other cats like the 19-24s etc, but none of the ones i was actually racing. STXC was a bit of a redemption in that i was 22/35 or something. i was called up 2nd to last in the largest ever open women field so i just had to start picking them off. I rode this one really smart i think and picked really good lines and used my gears well, whatever makes you feel good about coming in 22nd i guess. But i actually laughed OUT LOUD because there was a HUGE pile up where the pavement went to dirt and it funnelled us in there onto the mountain cross bumps. i had bet myself (due to being alone ALL WEEKEND) that people would eat it here, so when they did i just got off, pointed and laughed and ran by.

Oh yes, i did all this with a new carbo hard tail.

ROUNDS: I was able to make quite the social rounds while up there. I grew up in the Napa Valley and spent college and post college there, so i had a lot of catching up to do. I saw theBlunts who have Dozers brother - pictures to come of course!! Then i hung out with Haidi - one of my basketball teammates who was celebrating her 27th bday! Here i ran into tons of riff-raff, you know the type you had intro to physics with and maybe borrowed their calculator once, but now we are supposed to reflect on some fantastic history together, and then actual old bball teammates and pals. Sunday i drove to Stanford to see the Clark family for delicious food! Jesse is the old bball coach, wife Kelly is the strength coach at Stanford and little Jake well he just plays with stuff. Then i headed to Pismo where Grandma D is in a rehab place for a broken femur! Yikes!!! She and grandpa just moved from Yosemite to San Luis Obispo so he and i had breakfast monday. he made pancakes, 1/3 a canteloup (EACH) a nectarine, oj, and banana bread. It was really funny and good! I also stayed with the Hamricks In Shell Beach. It was like the family tour. I just wished my bikes could have been people so a) i could talk to them and b) i could use the carpool lane!!

MUSIC: i realized that i mostly listened to musica en espanol or r&b while i drove. I never could really tell what was on the station since i was giong at least 78 mph and all the windows were open. I would be singing along, just a bit then slow down and realize i couldnt understand a word they were saying.

NEW PLACE TO RIDE: I did a little Poop out and Jenks lake last week, fantastic!!

PLUMES OF SMOKE: I am not really afraid, yet, i think. But then when i come down the mountain and pass 4 complete CDF strike teams, you get a bit nervous. LAst week it looked like an A bomb had gone off at the end of the Canyon and the sun sets a dirty red color, other than that, no ash and no trees for tinder, yet...

SQUARE NO MORE: i really did live in a square. About 20x20. If you dont believe, well you should. But over the Deer Valley weekend and even through today, i upgraded. Quality of life has increased exponentially except for the refridgerator that is sitting on the patio until i take the kitchen door off to get it in. I will have to a thank you blog in the near future for all those who made this move a possibility and who have helped furnish it!!!! My home phone number is still the same, so you cant use that for an excuse of not calling me.

CHANGE OF TONE: This issue has been at the forefront of my mind for about 4 weeks. I have seen 5 severe and horrific car crashes between the bridge in Forest Falls and the Jerky Hut in the last 4 weeks. From what i know, 4 of those resulted in fatalities, one my have been a double. the most recent was last night, right around dusk, about 2 minutes from my house. One of Jasons dish washers from Forest Home flipped his car and got it stuck between two trees where he passed away. he could not have been more than 17 years old. This marks the anniversary of another dishwasher and his dad who passed away due to an illegal pass on hwy 38. All the others have taken place on the flats. The speed limit is 50 i think but most people drive it 65. People dont realize we hug the line of the wilderness and that creatures come out. They also dont realize that the thin line is also one where people live. The one i saw when driving back from Ontario airport and Deer Valley was a 13 year old and 18 year who were both riding the same bike with no helmets or lights on a shoulder that does not exist at 11pm, where they were hit by a guy who didnt even have a license and who fled the scene. It makes me irate as a cyclists and as a teacher, from both angles. The next day about 300 yards up a volkswagen golf was wrapped around a tree in someones front yard. Seeing all this carnage has made me think twice about car selections, who i get in the car with and where/when i ride my bike. So many people are coming up to the falls or the creek, pounding the brews, then rocketing home. Every week i see a new cross errected on the side of the road with teddy bears and flowers and pictures. it seems that every week they creap closer to home. Pretty much, please be careful. We cant over analyze and freak out and stay in the house, but please, double and triple check your situations and decisions.

Monday, July 3

Who's Cool Now??

I am!! First of all, i am done with that basketball camp, so i dont really have to go "down the mountain." I had to go teach spin class, very lack-lusterly though. Then come back up and promptly took a nap with Dozer. Gotta love him! I thought he broke my nose though. He sneazed and with all his square headed might, caught me upside the nose. I may have just received a deviated septum, too early to know. Just kidding, but wouldnt that be lame to have a broken nose because your dog sneezed on you? Dumb. I would probably miss the rest of the season! I hear those things really hurt. Any jarring just sends the pain train.

I am pretty sure that i am going to Deer Valley Utah this thursday for a little biking competition. I am planning on not falling as much and i really need to be on my best behavior because we are staying with a gaggle of cyclists that are well, pretty cool i guess. I will limit my vrebage to 8 words per conversation so as not to overwhelm. I will also make sure i speak slowly and at a lower decibal so they can actually understand what i am talking about. Then i will have to monitor my caffeine/sugar intake. Good thing mr. Pleiss is not going, he is a very bad influence! Hopefully Christie can get me my boarding pass ahead of time again, that way all i ahve to do is show up. but maybe i will actually pay attention as to where we park/stay/go so i dont have to spend hours trying to figure out how to get home. Or someone else can just drive. I never thought i could become co-dependant!

I havent really seen anyone in a long time. All my super cool work friends are well, on vacation. My PT/Dental friends are on brake or in clinics. I have been riding a training solo, so i am getting really annoyed with myself and my iPod selections, but i disconnected my account with iTunes which was the only way i would stop down loading 80's songs at $0.99 a pop.

Oh yes, this is why i am cool. Yesterday was the "9th Annual Forest Falls Chili Cook Off." My man Jason had this really great idea of helping out. Then he went to work. So there i sat, at the ARM WRESTELING BOOTH, trying to get people to throw down. First everyone thought they would have to arm wrestle me. Funny how the cycling tan stops right at the top of my bicep which gives the illusion that it is huge (not that it isnt though..). Then i put a sign on the Pets neck and walked around. The brilliant things i heard were "look, its an arm wresteling dog." um, no. So then you have the hard core guys who hit up all the county fairs asking what the weight classes were. I said it was about 80 pounds, so everyone was in. They also said the table just woudlnt do, not strong enough. Where are the elbow pads? What are the rules? Far out man, just give me a ticket!!! So i made the winner a 12 year old kid and walked him over to get his trophy.

This is, however, the coolest day in FF. Maybe next year i will bring some of you flat landers up, but i myself have just worked into being cool here, so i dont want you to hold me back. I was even in the Town Photo, infront of the El Mex store. Im on the right side, white tank if you buy it on eBay. There were chili contests, pie and salsa contests, pet parade and kid show and live music. The fire truck pulled a wagon with hay bales and another one came through and watered everyone down. Not bad for a day in the woods.

Wednesday, June 28

Shout Out

Totally want to take this moment to give a shout out to my hommies at Redlands Complete Auto. These guys were great. They not only destroyed the jeeps head gaskets but to also dismantle my Air Conditioning Thank you. I have now experienced 108 degrees in southern californias finest gridlock while sitting on black leather. This was a fantastic time. Just let me say that i truly have no love for hoyty-toyty upper class nice-car-driving people with AC that look at me driving with my windows down, in disgust. I hate them. It is also not cool to walk into an important meeting drenched, literally, in sweat. The head guy asked me, seriously, if i had ridden my bike there. I said no and plastered myself against the coolest thing i could find: THe cinder block wall in the well cooled office.

I have been hammering out some fantastic miles these days and trying to beat the heat. Checking out some new Cole Wheels not bad at all. I still miss the whir of my Chris King hubs though. The Santa Anna River Trail is pristine (just keep going through the cut up section) and i was moderatly sad that i did run across any creatures. I had no HRM, no computer, and no iPod. I was truly flying solo and it was awesome!

The Girls
I went to a boarding school in Shenandoah Valley Virginia for High school. By a strike of fait, many of us still hang out, work together or live near each other all the way out here in So Cal!! All of these girls went to my High School and only one was in another class than us! Here is the run-down: back row L-R: Betsy from TENN - Dental Hygenist; Kate TENN Med school; Me duh, woods, PE slacker; Jessica Maryland - Interior Designer; Carrianne MENTONE MOM and massage therapist
Front row: Tiffany Hawaii - Technology teacher and DESIGNER she makes clothes!!!; Rachel Redlands - Graffic Designer

See i even hang out with people that arent bike freaks! Most of them have bikes but have expressed numerous times that they are afraid to ride with me! Like i would hurt them or something. I could only stay at the BBQ for a bit because, well my life is CHAOS!!!

Please dont stalk my friends. I know they are cute, but leave them alone!!

I missed Rim Nordic this past weekend. I just cant do them all. I started out with the plan to go to all the Nationals, we will see though, sometimes things just dont work out!


i AM now working at a basketball camp for 4-9th graders. These kids are wild! It makes for a super long day running 8-4pm. The gym has no AC like i need it though. I have to be really carefull not to eat too much lunch or i get this killer Food Coma I really have to start remembering what these kids say. Some of it wouldnt make sense to the general public because it is pretty basketball specific. But none the less, it is pretty funny. This one kid is totally the NarWhal From Elf talks like him and everything! The three guys i am coaching with all coach up north. Two coach at the college that i played basketball at and one used to coach at the high shcool that shared our gym. Pretty funny stuff. One of them even owns Dozers brother Ruger.

Dozer is doing very well, thank you for asking! We have been going on hikes to the post office on the single track, then heading across the road to the creek where we go in the swimming hole and walk up the creek bed all the way home. I got really sunburned doing that.

So if you want to go where it is 20 degress cooler, clean are and delicious artesian well water, let me know and you can go visit someone in Big Bear. I mean we can meet for some fun. Or picking up sticks.

Thursday, June 22

Every Day...

I blog away.

Wedding Registry 101
Totally hit up Bed, Bath and Beyond today. They gave me the whole deal about going to a Bridal Show and planning blah blah blah. Uriah was sitting on the floor or twirling in the chair so i told the guy to get to it.

When you create a registry, and i am far from done by the way, and other stores will be added and probably taken off in the near future, you have to put a little of everything. The under $10 items for those who dont want to pay up, and the over $200 items for those who feel bad about something. There are a few items, however, that are paramount. If i get these (please note the word "I") i will give the giver something grand: THE MAGIC BULLET as seen on TV no i do not have a TV, but when i did, i saw this infomercial a lot and MUST HAVE IT!! Only $49.99!
This one is special! The Single Egg Fry Pan i did buy one awhile back, but it just didnt last. Please note that the egg is frowning.

Probably if you buy me these, i will make you something delicious with them. The Bullet - well you pick. Bean Dip; mixed drink; chocolate mousse; smoothie. The Egg Killer - an egg. Pretty much meets the amount of cash you put towards it.

I will be sure to highlight my favorite items from each registry to insure that i get them. Speaking of INSURE is supposed to be a really good during the race/ride beverage. Also, i have read TWICE that Chocolate OValtine is just as good as our high end recovery drinks, and a lot cheaper. And yes, i do read. Jason thinks i am illiterate, i just cant spell.

Wednesday, June 21

I lost some stuff

Man, I lose EVERYTHING! First, i couldnt find the USB thing to put some pictures on this thing, now i cant find the camera to attach to the USB thing that i just found! Oh well. I really didnt take any cool pictures. i think about cool things to take pictures of, but it is just too time consuming. I know, point and shoot, but come on, i am pretty busy.

Today Uriah and I did a million things. We walked on "single track" to the mountain post office to pick up very exciting junk mail. We then took pet Dozer to the creek because he was overheating. We decided to walk up the creek bed for some excellent leg work. We then went to the "city" where it was over 100 degrees for some delightful whole wheat subs and laundry, lots of it. Home Girl Robyn come and hung out with us at the Mentone washette, what a friend. Sure made the time fly!

I forgot about some things in VT. I got a new roommate. Teri and i pretty much did everything together. Stay in a small room in twin beds, talk about food, boys and our pets. This girl is CRAZY about cats (not KITTENS) and i am crazy about Dozer (duh) so most of our conversations vierd in that direction eventially. This was fun, very fun.

The girls laughed "with" me a lot, but when i think about it, they may have been laughing "at" me. hmmm, suspect. I also realized that Greg and i have a lot in common. Sugar, snacks, bagels, food, sitting around! He was excellent to have on the trip and oh so helpful. I felt so bad that he worked on my bike a bit that i gave him my LAST Nerd Rope aka nerds stuck together with gooey goodness for all his efforts. That IS a big deal!

Funny thing on the course: i will select ONE
I slid off of wood bridge, first oh 6 minutes of the race, rear tire first. Fell on my back between the bridge and a tree, bike on top of me. Begin to get up. Girl does the exact same thing and falls on top of me with her bike. hmm. Then the racers coming on the course start yelling to get out of the way. Suspect, very suspect.

i LOVED the course marshals! They all talked a bit funny like Canada and Louisinna, must be North East. They were really very nice! Maybe it was because i had been hanging around the course for 3 days doing multiple pre-rides (walks) so they knew me by jersey.

I asked if it Snowed in Albany. idiot.
A girl said she liked my jersey (who knows why) and asked where i was from. Said SO Cal, she asked if i ride in Sonoma a lot. No.

I need to go bleach my teeth.

Tuesday, June 20

I really don't want to update my blog

I am feeling bland and overwhelmed leaving me with only a slight sense of humor and a slice of angst.

There are many directions i could go for this past weekend: bitter, afraid, excited, hilarious

I could delve into all the nasty things i heard and the attitudes that were copped. I could divulge my new excitement for maybe one day being a team manager and always hanging around in the pro feed zone. (They better have a budget for me though, i dont do all charity work) I could talk about the insane racers on the east side and my new wish to move to Vermont so that i can train there, serious.

But the bottom line is this: I got bit by really large bugs in annoying spots that still really hurt.

Actually, i loved my recent adventure. I have never been mentally tested like this in a race before. I have been pushed physically but not quite like this. I saw the event as a training day to build my descending confidence and skill, which definately happened. I heard people cheer for me and even say my name that i have never met! The top of the expert field still even talked to me and wanted to know how i did and affirmed my efforts. Everyone has developed from somewhere. Everyone has had to be pulled from an event, for some it was last week, for others it was 5 years ago, but the event took place none the less.

I found that just as motivating and exciting as racing is watching the race. I met a tone of people in the feed zone, one being Adam Craigs feeder. i also got to get autographs from all the Luna Chics and chatted a bit with Georgia Gould.

I got back into LAX at 5pm so i just decided to put my bike together in the long-term parking lot instead of getting on the freeway parking lot. Then of course i got lost on the way home, because i dont "do" freeways or LA, then my cell phone battery died so i couldnt call anyone and when i used a pay phone in Fontanait took my 55 cents and said try again.

Next up: some serious bike cleaning, serious training, and non-serious grad school!

Then off to Deer Valley in a few! At least i didnt womit this time!
Oh yes, my rear wheel minus tire, tube, cassette, and maybe spokes, will be racing in the World Cup in Mont Saint Anne this weekend. Go wheel go! Actually go Teri and Christie!!!

Wednesday, June 14

Going on an Outing

Today is spent tallying student absences and tardies and averages and totals in an attempt to get out of work early. Once i hit the home turf i must figure out how to dismantle my bike appropriately and place it nicely in its little traveling box.

Christie, Mr. Pleiss and i are on a red eye from LAX to Albany to embarc on my first ever non CA/UT race! I am excited being words, yet terrified! We are heading to Vermont for the NMBS #3.

I hear they have killer single track and delicious Maple Syrup, so if nothing else swings in my favor, i know a great time will be had and excellent food will be eaten. And thats what it is all about!!

I havent had any pics of the nephew for a bit, i think he wears clothes, maybe only when they go to church though! What a nudist!

Friday, June 9


This blog entry is dedicated to all the things non-cycling in my life. I would like to prove that i am not completely consumed by the bike and that i indeed lead a well-rounded and multi-faceted life, where biking is merely my means to deal with all things good and bad and to keep me in shape and motivated and to maintain a high quality of life. Ok, so it is pretty important.

There are days that i do not ride my bike, clean it, fix it, or even move it. On these days i enjoy doing the dishes, cleaning my house, petting Dozer and picking up sticks in the yard. I have been known to iron t-shirts and color code all polo shirts in my closet (i have to wear them to work.)These days you may also find me in graduate school learning not all that much about teaching. In the winter these specific days will send me to the High Desert or Desert Desert for various sports contests with a myriad of jr. high or high school students. Usual i drive them and coach them and make them play "name that tune" with the 80's rock station because that is the only way that i consistantly win!

Although most people think i am obsessed with the bike, i am more obsessed with making things clean and tidy and organized, thus the frequent tag of OCD. I really like to cook too - while working at a Bike shop up north, i also worked at a Bed and Breakfast where i learned to make some delightful things! Stuff like Potato Crust Frittata, baked/glazed grapefruit, and french toast souffle. If i had a house larger than 3 parking spots, i would entertain every weekend! I never cook out of a box for sure, and when cooking I turn my head and ignore all signs of carbohydrates, saturated fats, and sugar. Duh.

I am also in the midst of planning a delightful wedding. I have pretty much been putting this off, but now my co-workers have just showed me binders full of floral arrangments, ring designs, table layouts, and up-dos. I am way behind track, but that is ok.

I have parents too. They live smack dab in the middle of Florida, strategily placed so that if you sat on the roof around 9pm, you could see the fireworks from Sea World, Epcot, Disney, and MGM all at the same time! They travel around the world taking pictures and doing neat things! They keep trying to make us kids move to FL, but that is a total no-go!

Uriah and Jason are totally real too. I have a picture, but i can't seem to post it! Uriah is 7 and just finished the first grade. I am totally going to brain wash him and make him race bikes. I think he will give it a go at the next Cal State. He just has a BMX and is arfaid the pegs could hurt another kid, so he wants to take them off. When discussing upgrading with him, he stated that he would not move up to expert until he was consistantly winning the races and beating everyone. good to know!

Jason is a finish-carpenter and has made some quite impressive things like huge decks, ornate window casings, doors that started as trees, and an observatory.

Contrary to popular belief, i do read, magazines. I will let all my Title9, Athleta, and REI catalogs pile up. Then i will go through each one, circle everything i want with a Sharpie, then promplty throw them away.
So things are pretty interesting for me. But now, my bike is sitting on the steps, ready for a washing!

Monday, June 5

Dude, my shins are sweating!!!

It's been a bit on the warm side these days. My very high quality g-ride no longer has AC, so i created a new one: 2n70 no this is not a new back woods fire ride such as 1E01. This means 2 windows down, drivin 70. However, while traveling to Riverside for grad school, i max out around 15 mph, so basically i sweat a lot. Now driving has become my zen emotional training. Focus, breath deep, relax. This really hasnt helped at all though.


Do you remember, i think it was the Power Ade slogan "Hydrate or die?" Well this can be quite deceiving. One day i will write a race report that goes like this: "The race was wonderful. Lovely weather and the competition was really slow, but very nice and sociable. We also had delicious food and felt very relaxed on the ride home. We are all winners...."


Race time: 2:10pm
Race Temp: 100 degrees, perhaps
Race Length: 4 x 6 miles (this is stupid - my computer got all messed up. I thought we had just raced 32 miles. When i was looking down and it said "24" i was freaking out, because i hit the wall at about 25. I was also in awe of myself because i was climbing steady at 7mph. Actually, that was Kilometers PH STUPID!!!!
The Course: Fantastic if you are a really fast one on the descnets, and if you enjoy crop signs or the movie SIGNS. i felt as if we were creating miniature lines in a corn field, this time it was Annis actually, as we swooped down the single track, around the burms and through the brush. Nothing was taller than a corn stalk, and most of it was not wider than your average single track. Everything was hard packed and at times it looked like you were riding on grape seeds (growing up in the Napa valley exposed me to interesting trail conditions.) You could always see who was 3 turns ahead of you as they pasted through the thicket. Once i thought this girl was right behind me but what i htought was her helmet was a big flower pod, when looked at out of the corner of my eye, appeared much larger than it was...

It was late in the day and hot. I am a compulsive water drinker. Ever since Shelli and i got lost in the San Bernardino mountains, i fear the feeling of dehydration. I do everything in my power to avoid being in that spot. Sometimes i drink a whole bottle of water without even noticing it. So prior to the race, i had A LOT of fluid. Bad, bad, bad. During the race, i was ok. Then i began to get a splitting head ache, like really bad. On the last dirt hill climb out, my right quad started to cramp up super bad. I have never cramped before, i know, rookie. But i just sat back and told myself "so this is what a cramp feels like. Will it pull the muscle off or just twist it around a bit?" I ended up in 2nd place, which was just fine with me. My tan through jersey really did a number to the back. It is like i wasnt even wearing one, too much sun! I had traveled there with Christie and Teri scored her first pro podium with a stellar 3rd place finish, so of course we hung around!

Christie was having bad legs cramps and dizzy and feeling yuck, so i started the drive back. By the time we got to Ventura Chevron i promptly went over to the bushes and womitted, a lot. Poor Christie. You know you really have a friend when they tell you it is ok to puke in there car! I wonder what Mr. Pleiss would think about that one...

This continued for some time. I nicely asked Christie to pull over to the side of the freeway twice to help me with my situation. One of the time James Cross stopped to help out! What a champ! He was feeding us all during the race and was super supporter for the day! I couldn't even rest my head on the seat because the steady bumps in the road, i had to prop my elbow on the window and hold my head in my hand. Poor Christie was becoming quite bored with me while she was trying to stay away. She was so PC it was hilarious. Jeremy from K&N called for the race update and she said "JOY became sick." iF they only knew!!

Now i had to drive from Reldands to Forest Falls at 10:15pm. I really wanted Pedialyte from Staters, so i stopped and zig-zagged in. Once inside, i promptly had to puke. I ran outside and that was that. I found myself slumped on the curb by the planters, wanting to curl up right there for a nap. AS i sat there i wondered what people thought of me: severly sunburned, blurry-eyed, vomiting in a bush, late on a Saturday night. If they only knew...

I got home safely although i had to squint the whole time because my head hurt so bad. I laid down, motionless for about 45 minutes. then sat up, ate some food and pedialyte and was pretty much ok.

So, what happened you ask: HYPOTREMIA hydration intoxication. I had way too much of the good stuff. What this does is totally deplete your body of sodium, which is bad, very bad. It acts just like dehydration with nausea, headache, muscle cramps, dizziness. I read, online, that is can also cause "disorientation, slurred speech, confusion, inappropriate behavior, brain swelling, coma, and death." YIKES!!! I am so glad that all i did was puke my brains out! I think i lost 2 pounds. I also think that i consume so much water, i could stop drinking today, exercise for two days, and not get dehydrated. I need fix that one.

How do you fix the problem? Add extra sodium to your diet 2-3 days prior to events (and become hypertensive) and dont drink more than you sweat. Also, you could createt he same effects by drinking too much water the days prior. If you went to the hospital they would give you super consitrated sodium solution and a diuretic to make you dispell all the extra water.

Good to know!! Since we are getting into the hot super hot nasty oweful season, these things really need to be attained to. Although as i look back, the whole thing was entertaining, but not pleasant at all. Very dangerous too. There is such a fine line on these issues, you have to be careful.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: i KNOW i already asked some of you and you think i am stupid, are not supposed to water your lawn mid day because it will get burned and die. The water particles magnify the suns intensity and burn it. So was it bad that these guys were spraying us with hoses and water bottles as we rode by? Could that shock our systems and make me act like a giant blade of grass roaming through the trails, causing me to get over burned and taxed? You have to answer this one, because i really need to know. Scientific proof is highly suggested.

Sunday, May 28

blogity blog


So a lot has gone down in the near past. The sophomore boilogy trip was awesome! We set up camp in drippy weather and slept through one night of rain. Day one found us on a Whale Watching boat in the Monterey Harbor. We were all stoked to see Humpback Whales, Otters, harbor Seals, Risso Dolphins, and a lot of birds! We kept encouraging the sea-sick kids to take it for the team and throw out some chum so we could have more visitors, but that didn't happen!

Day two we traveled up to San Fransisco to visit the Exploratorium. I have never been around so many chaotic children! I think the place was packed with 5th graders! We did see some really cool exhibits and expiraments. Next, we drove about 4 minutes to the Golden Gate Bridge. Although i grew up in the area, i had never walked the bridge before, so i was happy we got to do it. Plus, it helped with the Bus-Legs i was suffering from. This was also the day that i wanted to jump out of the bus at hour 39 of constantly being with people, but i didnt and i survived. i began to actually enjoy people!

It was also interesting to explain these very pointed call boxes to the children. I think when i was in college there was an individual who jumped from the bridge and lived, they hit a barge or something.

Day 3 was my almost-favorite day. We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Being with a school and all, we got to go into a special lab area and touch things! IT was set up as a class, but super interesting, kinda like PE. We got to feed Sea Cucumbers, squid, irchins, abalone, and anenomies. It was great! I also say this guy, kinda reminded me of the Otter walking around Laguna Seca...

I am not a huge walk-around and look at stuff person, but this place was great! I would totally go back and look at neat things. We watched Trout swim upstream for about 10 minutes, and watched Penguins dance about. The kids in my group had to keep coming back to find me because i was staring at stuff too long!

The afternoon on this day we went back to our camp sites in Felton (near Santa Cruz) to create our own expiraments out in the Redwoods. The group i was "chaperoning" chose to provide the entertainment. Their expirament consisted of 3/4 of them going arm-pit deep into the ice cold stream to calculate and measure the speed of the current and the depth of the water. To say the least, we got more than our moneys worth!

Day 4 My absolute favorite! We basically exercised all day long! We did a 2 hour sea kayak trip, with rutters and all. That is a lot of work! We went up an estuary to find Seals, lots of birds (i am not interested in them so i forget what they are called) and Otters. We learned a lot about the ecology of the area and how certain things like protecting the harbor seal or closing the power plant impact the local environment and economy. We then went back to the Redwoods for a hike through the big trees. awesome.

Day 5 we drove, a lot. The yellow school bus does pretty good, but not that good. It takes forever to get anywhere!

So did i train you ask? OF COURSE!! Quite modified however. I did get up two days to ride my trainer at 4:30am. This was bad, real bad. The only place to ride was right outside the girls bathrooms/showers. It was level and there was a light. This was actually pretty awesome. i watched the sun come up and the fog lift up through the drippy Redwoods, this help sqelch the pain of being up that early. One day i realized i had a flat tire and no tools with me and no means to get into town that day. So i opted to run. Stupid stupid girl. Being a leader and all i was supposed to keep my charges with me at all times. However, i had 5 asian 10th grade boys ready for a run in the woods. I let them go ahead. However, they missed my lecture about waiting at every T, Y, or other juncture to collect the rest of your group. They took 3 wrong turns. THIS WAS NOT MY FAULT!! however, with my past history, had it been known, i would never have been allowed to take them out on the trails! We ran about 5 miles and returned to camp AFTER the group that was taking a leisurly walk. Oops.

One day i did train in the afternoon and sustained about 14 mosquito bites before i had one of my girls douse me with repelent which promplty slid into my eye balls.

Then today my best pal from forever like high school college and living in her tv room when i first moved to the IE is graduating from Dental school!!
Thats her in the middle, the other one is Robyn. Haley also hooked up Jason's grill!

Saturday, May 20

Parting thoughts

The bus is packed, i found the Ez-Up, i rode my bike today. Actually, today Jason and i went to church and we met Olympic Track Cyclist Johnny B who flipped over the side in 2000. HE was talken to the kids. THis pushed my ride to 1:40 pm perfect for bad-weather training. I did hill repeats at Crafton, where i could hardly see the wash from the top. So now i am happy to head to the coast.

I am most stressed about not racing in Big Bear tomorrow. It is only 45 minutes from my house, and very doable, just not on the docket. I will go through withdrawls of not seeing all my homies for another week.

Dozer had a visit from his little brother! The breeder lives down the street and they send up a loaner from time to time. This one is a male, maybe Posiedon. Hard to believe The Pet was once that small!

So i look silly, but when do i not! Question of the day: IS my tiny pony longer or shorter than James Cross's?
Here is the cut girls (and boys) i even bought "product" with it to keep it healthier!! I also didnt even have to fix it!
Have a delightful week. I will try to keep my post-trip blog short. i might have to skip it altogether because i know there will be a lot of drama!!!