Monday, July 3

Who's Cool Now??

I am!! First of all, i am done with that basketball camp, so i dont really have to go "down the mountain." I had to go teach spin class, very lack-lusterly though. Then come back up and promptly took a nap with Dozer. Gotta love him! I thought he broke my nose though. He sneazed and with all his square headed might, caught me upside the nose. I may have just received a deviated septum, too early to know. Just kidding, but wouldnt that be lame to have a broken nose because your dog sneezed on you? Dumb. I would probably miss the rest of the season! I hear those things really hurt. Any jarring just sends the pain train.

I am pretty sure that i am going to Deer Valley Utah this thursday for a little biking competition. I am planning on not falling as much and i really need to be on my best behavior because we are staying with a gaggle of cyclists that are well, pretty cool i guess. I will limit my vrebage to 8 words per conversation so as not to overwhelm. I will also make sure i speak slowly and at a lower decibal so they can actually understand what i am talking about. Then i will have to monitor my caffeine/sugar intake. Good thing mr. Pleiss is not going, he is a very bad influence! Hopefully Christie can get me my boarding pass ahead of time again, that way all i ahve to do is show up. but maybe i will actually pay attention as to where we park/stay/go so i dont have to spend hours trying to figure out how to get home. Or someone else can just drive. I never thought i could become co-dependant!

I havent really seen anyone in a long time. All my super cool work friends are well, on vacation. My PT/Dental friends are on brake or in clinics. I have been riding a training solo, so i am getting really annoyed with myself and my iPod selections, but i disconnected my account with iTunes which was the only way i would stop down loading 80's songs at $0.99 a pop.

Oh yes, this is why i am cool. Yesterday was the "9th Annual Forest Falls Chili Cook Off." My man Jason had this really great idea of helping out. Then he went to work. So there i sat, at the ARM WRESTELING BOOTH, trying to get people to throw down. First everyone thought they would have to arm wrestle me. Funny how the cycling tan stops right at the top of my bicep which gives the illusion that it is huge (not that it isnt though..). Then i put a sign on the Pets neck and walked around. The brilliant things i heard were "look, its an arm wresteling dog." um, no. So then you have the hard core guys who hit up all the county fairs asking what the weight classes were. I said it was about 80 pounds, so everyone was in. They also said the table just woudlnt do, not strong enough. Where are the elbow pads? What are the rules? Far out man, just give me a ticket!!! So i made the winner a 12 year old kid and walked him over to get his trophy.

This is, however, the coolest day in FF. Maybe next year i will bring some of you flat landers up, but i myself have just worked into being cool here, so i dont want you to hold me back. I was even in the Town Photo, infront of the El Mex store. Im on the right side, white tank if you buy it on eBay. There were chili contests, pie and salsa contests, pet parade and kid show and live music. The fire truck pulled a wagon with hay bales and another one came through and watered everyone down. Not bad for a day in the woods.


Christie said...

i will print your boarding pass, just need you to send me your itinerary again :o). Getting home from Ontario airport is alot easier than LAX, and you prob wont be driving!


Joy said...

i think i will try it myself this time, surely it can not be that difficult! At least i know where Ontario IS compared to LAX!!! Actually let me print yours this time!

grifsmum said...

Joy you crack me up! I think Griffyn and I would have loved the day in FF. What's a kid show and do you thnk Griffyn would have won???