Wednesday, June 28

Shout Out

Totally want to take this moment to give a shout out to my hommies at Redlands Complete Auto. These guys were great. They not only destroyed the jeeps head gaskets but to also dismantle my Air Conditioning Thank you. I have now experienced 108 degrees in southern californias finest gridlock while sitting on black leather. This was a fantastic time. Just let me say that i truly have no love for hoyty-toyty upper class nice-car-driving people with AC that look at me driving with my windows down, in disgust. I hate them. It is also not cool to walk into an important meeting drenched, literally, in sweat. The head guy asked me, seriously, if i had ridden my bike there. I said no and plastered myself against the coolest thing i could find: THe cinder block wall in the well cooled office.

I have been hammering out some fantastic miles these days and trying to beat the heat. Checking out some new Cole Wheels not bad at all. I still miss the whir of my Chris King hubs though. The Santa Anna River Trail is pristine (just keep going through the cut up section) and i was moderatly sad that i did run across any creatures. I had no HRM, no computer, and no iPod. I was truly flying solo and it was awesome!

The Girls
I went to a boarding school in Shenandoah Valley Virginia for High school. By a strike of fait, many of us still hang out, work together or live near each other all the way out here in So Cal!! All of these girls went to my High School and only one was in another class than us! Here is the run-down: back row L-R: Betsy from TENN - Dental Hygenist; Kate TENN Med school; Me duh, woods, PE slacker; Jessica Maryland - Interior Designer; Carrianne MENTONE MOM and massage therapist
Front row: Tiffany Hawaii - Technology teacher and DESIGNER she makes clothes!!!; Rachel Redlands - Graffic Designer

See i even hang out with people that arent bike freaks! Most of them have bikes but have expressed numerous times that they are afraid to ride with me! Like i would hurt them or something. I could only stay at the BBQ for a bit because, well my life is CHAOS!!!

Please dont stalk my friends. I know they are cute, but leave them alone!!

I missed Rim Nordic this past weekend. I just cant do them all. I started out with the plan to go to all the Nationals, we will see though, sometimes things just dont work out!


i AM now working at a basketball camp for 4-9th graders. These kids are wild! It makes for a super long day running 8-4pm. The gym has no AC like i need it though. I have to be really carefull not to eat too much lunch or i get this killer Food Coma I really have to start remembering what these kids say. Some of it wouldnt make sense to the general public because it is pretty basketball specific. But none the less, it is pretty funny. This one kid is totally the NarWhal From Elf talks like him and everything! The three guys i am coaching with all coach up north. Two coach at the college that i played basketball at and one used to coach at the high shcool that shared our gym. Pretty funny stuff. One of them even owns Dozers brother Ruger.

Dozer is doing very well, thank you for asking! We have been going on hikes to the post office on the single track, then heading across the road to the creek where we go in the swimming hole and walk up the creek bed all the way home. I got really sunburned doing that.

So if you want to go where it is 20 degress cooler, clean are and delicious artesian well water, let me know and you can go visit someone in Big Bear. I mean we can meet for some fun. Or picking up sticks.


Joy said...

totaly tard! I cant log into my own blog to fix the first sentence! It is late and i have no idea why it says what it says!

Veeze Price said...

COLE WHEELS LOOK SWEET! never heard of them. they look expencive
i'll be in angelus oaks monday at the crack!(4:30-5ish am) can't wait! I WILL LET YOU NO IF I SEE ANY CRITTERS! PROMISE:)

Matt said...

I think we should film a Michael Moore style documentary (only make it non-fiction) about your Jeep Experience. Or maybe you should have a seperate blog dedicated to your Jeep.