Wednesday, February 28

I cracked

And i had to post photos of Timby, Timber, Tim-Tam, Tin-Tin, Pet #Dos

Here he is after his lunch, taking his nap on an unsuspecting kids shirt! He goes here out of his own free will!

You can see the "old" kick ball to the right. I think his jaw is getting stronger! Here he is awaiting snack. I didnt have any, so i let him chew on my keys.

In this shot, he is upset to be tied to a tree, as he waits his turn at kick ball. A very fundamental element of physical education curriculum!


Sister-in law Suzanne has a successful surgery yesterday and will probably be in the hospital until Friday, with a 6 week recovery plan. Good news for sure.

And yes, it is 3:27 am, i am writing a paper, sort of. i think i am going to unplug my internet, but in need it for research. hmm. practicing self control. Also, the futon is open, with blankets and everything and sleeping pet Dozer, only about 7 feet away. must resist!!

Monday, February 26

If only i could do what i am supposed to...

A little picture of me and the BEND (HusBend) out to eat some Thai food, right before nephew Griffyn puked, through the grated picnic table. super.

Happy 2nd Birthday Griffyn! Pictured here with new cousin Uriah, being bad in the court, at the wedding!

Bit of Trouble: My sister in law, Suzanne is in the hospital. In the course of about 2 years she has had 2 severe head injuries one in a crit on her bike, the other at the hands of a garage door. The end of the very long story is that safety is now the name of the game, all the activies she loves are on the back burner indefinately, and she will be on blood thinners for a very long time due to severe blood clotting. However, on saturday, she took a nasty dive off her horse which dislocated her elbow and created a compound fracture which sent her into the ER. She has been there ever since as they monitor her pain, her lack of blood clotting due to the meds, and they wait for things to mellow out before they can do surgery. it is a very tough time as my brother sits in the hospital with his lap top and cell phone attempting to work, think about training, and the laundry he is not doing. Suzanne is super strong and wonderful, and needs a lot of support. Jeremy says he can take one of the four huskies in for a visit, they do pet therapy! So hopefully that happened today.

Every day i am on the bike it is a blessing.

Not sure if these links work, but they are of super cool brother getting a Christmas tree then made a snow cave for his nephews while Suzanne takes the dogs for a drive These two know how to make every moment count, every experience is sensational, and they love every bit of life and what it hands them.

Thursday, February 22


In an attempt to be neither redundant or bland, i have avoided blogging in the near past. Here are a few of the non-appearing blog options i have mulled over:

1.) Century riding is for someone else (recap of Palm Springs 100 and my distain for a) triathletes; b) people who ride with iPods and don't pay attention; c) how fantastic a dislocated elbow actually looks along side the anatomy of shock.

2.) What a great decision - to give my snowboard away in college (the memoirs of a high school weekend trip to Snow Summit (with moderate amounts of very slushy snow) and cabin sleeping. not my cabin; also, what a broken arm looks like and how great it is to have all that snow handy to pack it in)

3.) A day in the life of Timber - (if he was a human child, i would be broke. and yes, he does sleep under my desk at work and people don't even know he is there)

4.) The Husbands Job (Two things are fantastic: a) Uncle Greg; b) Trust Padgette's)

5.) The Men of Ladie's Night (There were roughly 7 men in attendence at the all-girl night at Don's Bike. They asked the most questions. Good times though, i think i turned red, talked too fast, and laughed a lot. welcome to my world on a bike)

6.) Am i supposed to ride that thing? (i have a new two wheeler. Today, i got renters insurance. This weekend, we are clearing out the "spare room" for the bikes to be holed-up. To say the least, they will no longer be allowed in a) The garage; b) the hitch rack on the Jeep; c) anywhere suspect.)

There, wasn't that simple??

Rumor has it i could show face at Southridge this weekend, but the non-snow outside is quite forboding. I spend enough time in it, why go race in it?

Sunday, February 11

May I have your attention, Please

This coming Thursday, February 15, I will be helping host a Ladies Night at Don's Bike Shop in Rialto, CA. Tonya Bray, founder of will also be presenting.

Sorry Veeze and other males who have planned on sneaking in the back, you gotta be a girl!! But i wouldn't tell them if i saw you in the back!! this was in the local newspaper, gives a run down of what will be covered. I had no idea it was there, until Veeze said so and Michelle showed Jason the clip!

Also, you can RSVP at this site:

Hopefully a bunch of you can come! We will have a lot of fun, and hopefully some delicious snacks!!

Tuesday, February 6

Have you ever...

On the way home from graduate school tonight, i became revenous and had nowhere to turn. i had consumed all my Tree Hugger snacks and Squirrel Food as one student calls it (that last link had nothing to do with squirrels or their food. i found it under tree hugger, and i laughed.) i even tried a lukewarm mixture of water chocolate slimfast powder. But to no avail, i was still hungry. I turned, ever so slightly, into the Farmer Boys parking lot. Since i dont eat me, or actually, things that look like complete flesh, i opted for the tried and true, Grilled CHeese now there is nothing wrong with cheese and bread per se, BUT, when the bread is white and void of nutrients, then lathered with a "Butter flavoredpaste" which is then smashed against some straight up American Cheese, and grilled next to a Pork Chop, this is not the form of nutrition i needed. But it was SO GOOD.

My hands became slippery with saturated fat, i had to wipe them on the Puppy's head to avoid stearing wheel slippage. Puppy rides shoty with me everywhere i go, i think he ate the wrapper for the sandwich.

As i injested this mock-meal, i could feel the adipose around my mid section thicken into a thicker layer of blubber which will make me more buoyant incase of a water landing and it will help insulate me for this terribly cold, 80 degree winter weather.

Alas, it is over. i am not even close to full, and i have homework to complete, which will have to wait until....never. I must sack out, get up at 4am to ride, go to work, go to class, go lift weights to get huge, go home, repeat.

I do still ride them for sure. Boulevard road race was, well on the road, which reminded me a myriad of times why i truly love to ride mountain bikes.

Could the owner of the mid-quality double wide that has been parked for OVER A WEEK on the first good turn out coming up HWY 38, please come and take it HOME.