Thursday, February 22


In an attempt to be neither redundant or bland, i have avoided blogging in the near past. Here are a few of the non-appearing blog options i have mulled over:

1.) Century riding is for someone else (recap of Palm Springs 100 and my distain for a) triathletes; b) people who ride with iPods and don't pay attention; c) how fantastic a dislocated elbow actually looks along side the anatomy of shock.

2.) What a great decision - to give my snowboard away in college (the memoirs of a high school weekend trip to Snow Summit (with moderate amounts of very slushy snow) and cabin sleeping. not my cabin; also, what a broken arm looks like and how great it is to have all that snow handy to pack it in)

3.) A day in the life of Timber - (if he was a human child, i would be broke. and yes, he does sleep under my desk at work and people don't even know he is there)

4.) The Husbands Job (Two things are fantastic: a) Uncle Greg; b) Trust Padgette's)

5.) The Men of Ladie's Night (There were roughly 7 men in attendence at the all-girl night at Don's Bike. They asked the most questions. Good times though, i think i turned red, talked too fast, and laughed a lot. welcome to my world on a bike)

6.) Am i supposed to ride that thing? (i have a new two wheeler. Today, i got renters insurance. This weekend, we are clearing out the "spare room" for the bikes to be holed-up. To say the least, they will no longer be allowed in a) The garage; b) the hitch rack on the Jeep; c) anywhere suspect.)

There, wasn't that simple??

Rumor has it i could show face at Southridge this weekend, but the non-snow outside is quite forboding. I spend enough time in it, why go race in it?

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