Thursday, March 26

Bullet Points, Because I am streamlining...

  • The local gals: Tricia, Lisa, Wendy, and Cynthia did us all proud at San Dimas Stage Race...But Cynthia had a nasty crash. Booo.... The boys were there too - Jamie AKA Polly Pocket got business done in the Cat 4's and Mr. Freeman rolled out in the 35+ with the best of them and had a solid performance.

  • I on the other hand, was stuck at Track and Field day officiating volleyball games, mile runs and mile relay and the 100 yard dash. The dashers pitched a fit because 100 was way too long. Look into these eyes! Do they look like they care?!

  • I have banned myself from unneccessary blog reading and web searching. In the amount of time I have saved, I completed my taxes, smogged my car, went to the DMV, cleaned three bike, rode my bike and slept.

  • Sponsor Mike McKovich hooked up the team bike fits. It is amazing how comfortable a bike can become!! I always get a smidge queamish when the carbon handle bars get cut down though....and he keeps telling me i pedal in squares. I should have been a Flintstone.

  • My sister-in-law, Suzanne is in town for the Carnival. She gets people wheels and stuff.

  • Here at the Carnival, lots of folks show up, like 400ish. But I only really wanted to watch these two:

Tara Llanes - World Cup downhiller, and my girl Erica Davis - she was in my undergrad program for PE. This is the first time i have seen Tara since she jumped into a Short Track race and destroyed half the XC girls. Gotta admit, I was a bit emotional...same with Erica, who is on track for the 2012 Paralympics. Us PowderPuff XC racers have no idea...

  • Fontana US Cup is rolling out in full force this weekend. so many people are getting straight up frenetic about the course, which rock is where blah blah blah. Guess what. It is 5.2 mile laps. We get to do it 4 times. I think i can figure it out after the first one.
  • Our community, meaning Redlands and Loma Linda and the SDA crew all across the country has been ROCKED by the Montana plane crash. The far reaching effects are staggering. The 6 degrees of separation are in full force. It is such a tragedy and so painful to know how affected so many of our close friends are due to losing their family members and loved ones. Once again, perspective has been handed to us in an extremely crude way.

Saturday, March 14

Don't steal my Thunder!!

I put pictures up on Facebook, Matt Freemon stole them, I have nothing to add.

But since we all know that is a lie, I will put my two cents in.

What all started with an innocent "Do you think you would want to do a short track simulation on Thursday?" From Krista Park...was answered with "Heck yes! Me and ten of my friends!!!"

Matt calls us big mouths, But Adam and I are movers and shakers, we get stuff done, and we know "people."

Who wouldn't want to skip out on dinner with the family, or the Crit practice over way too close to San Bernardino?! Hit up our Dirt Crit, otherwise known as the late Short Track event!

20 minutes plus 3 laps or anaerobic fun! From my very humble opinion, our course rivals that of each national race last year, except the fact that we have a dicey figure 8! Winners get goodies, I snaked cones and soccer field paint from work for the course too.

Maybe one day we will throw a BBQ in the mix....

We had ALL levels out there, spectators, timers and lap cards!!

Wednesday, March 11

Like I wasn't busy enough...

Tricia is hosting a male cycling team for the Redlands Classic...thank goodness it is my spring break.

Tomorrow will be the trial run of Short Track/Dirt Crit *practice* at Hulda Crooks...Laying tracks, frothing with slobber, hittin' some knack-knacks off the jumps...full report to come on that one.

I picked up the hobby of Bowling on the Wii...I think it will help boost my stock. It was either that or Hip Hop dancing...

I freaked out (this is not a joke...fact on the freak out) on my diet and decided to Lock It UP! In anticipation of APRIL....dun dun dun.....
Directly following my week of vaction for spring break, I am going to Costa Rica!!!! Don't hate!! Remember, you get paid more than me...

Start of one of the stages last year!

What's the big deal down there? well, let me tell you! Check out the link to one of the COOLEST races in, um, Central America!?! I did the math. Costs me LESS TO GO THERE than to Vermont/NY for national races. Enough said!!

My Great friends from years ago, Justin and Amy Mace, did it last year and LOVED IT!!! They are going back again and only had to ask me half a time if I wanted to join!! I then convinced fellow fun-seeker Maureen Kunz - Team Lost Coast Brewery - to scrap the east coast Circus and head to the Jungle with me!!

I am stoked beyond belief to have this option!!! If you are really ambitious, check out the site and look at the course profiles...i should have done that before I mailed the check...but if not, just chew on this:

Stage 1: Parque del Este-Cabeza de Vaca-Parque del Este Time and departure place: Parque del Este 9:00 AM

Finish: Parque del Este

Total Distance: 40 miles

Estimated for the best time: 3 hours

Maximum time allowed: 7:30 hours

Irazú is Costa Rica’s highest volcano at over eleven thousand feet. Located just south of San José, the slopes of Irazú climb steadily to over eleven thousand feet above sea-level. The ride starts northeast of San Jose and climbs steadily from about 3500 feet to about 9000 feet over 30 KM until racers reach Cabeza de Vaca hill, names for the famous Spanish Conquistador that settled this area.

Stage 2: Hotel Montecampana-Volcán Barva-Finca La Paz, Poasito

Time and departure place: 8:00 Hotel Montecampana, Birri de Heredia

Finish: Finca La Paz, Poasito

Distance: 40 miles

Estimated for the best time: 3 hours

Maximum time allowed: 8 hours

This volcano’s pristine rainforest provides the stage for the second day of the race. After a 10 mile climb, racers enter the Barva Volcano National Park for a taste of primary rainforest and technical singletrack down to the foothills of Poás Volcano. The surrounding forest is home to the Resplandescent Quetzal bird, Tapirs and several species of wild cats.

This area was affected by the strong tremor in early January so part of the race proceeds will fund community reconstruction projects.

Stage 3: Finca La Paz Poasito-Volcan Poas-Finca La Paz Poasito

Time and departure place: 8:00 Finca La Paz

Finish: Finca la Paz Poasito

Total Distance: 40 miles

Estimated for the best time: 3 hours

Maximum time allowed: 8 hours

The last stage, with total distance of about 40 miles, will begin in the Finca La Paz near to the towm of Poasito, climbing to the Poas Volcano (world´s second widest crater). Once we reach the Poas National Park we will begin an small uphill and later we enter to a technical single track downhill, passing forest and pastures before finishing climbing up to Poasito Town.

Maybe it was the Villarica Volcano in Chile, or the freedom I felt traveling and experiencing life in such a different way, but I think I am hooked.

On that note, I have to go climb some mountains on my bike!!

Friday, March 6

I need to re-evaluate...nah...

The night before a race usually finds me with my feet up on the couch eating something delicious. Last Saturday night the scenario was much different.

This picture explains a lot.
1.) I have a better tan than most due to riding a bike and being outside all day
2.) The bilateral iliac crest bruises occured at this precise moment
3.) I have no problem taking kids down
4.) My boss/athletic directore, #4 sets the bar high for fitness

Would I have opted out of the game to prep mentally, physically and emotionally for the race Sunday? maybe last year. But not now. It has been hilarious all week hearing the students laugh about how bad the teachers were (even though we beat them) how we must have cheated, and how funny we looked. They were so stoked to be able to guard me, block my shot, or laugh with us on the court.

And at the end of the day, that is probably more important. Or so i believe today!

Monday, March 2

The life of a Socialite

I tend to gravitate towards chaos, or it to me. One way or the other though, we collided fantastically in such a cacophony that left me counting the hours until next weekend.

There were awards banquets to attend, high heels to wear, dresses to iron, birthdays to celebrate, basketball games to be played, oh, and a bike race.

1. Dad and Mom came to town for Dad to speak and to be an honored alumnis of the year! Banquets and plaques and...heels...

2. Paige turned 18!!! I stuck around and whipped up a delightful bfast Saturday morning, ironed a dress and headed to church!! i opted out of the heels on this occasion, my calfs were destroyed friday night! Here are, well, a bunch of Duerksens!3. When i got home after lunch with the fam, there was another lunch to attend! the house was packed with about 30 people for Paige's big 1-8, so more festivities and snacks were had!

4. Then i rode a bike.

5. Then i showered just so i could fix my hair again.

6. Life and death. Student vs. Faculty basketball game. The senior class raised over $2000!! It was a pretty important night, and no way in the world to get out of it!

We played 12 minute quarters, one against each class. Here we are playing the freshman. I am their teacher-sponsor, so i was key in helping them choose their color: Lilac. We are also studying the Excritory System in Health, so i gave Jordan a bit of Kidney shot...

7. Got home and tried to decompress. The senior boys must have been hitting the weights lately. One run in with one of them left me with whiplash and a pulled glute. By midnight I had everything under control...

8. Then I got to race my bike!!!

Things are getting wacky around here! Some excitement for the spectators...

Then the lead out for the pro men! Check out Sid Taberlay, left side Team Sho-Air! Totally busting out the wheelie, for a WIN!

Doing some "team" work with Cpop!! My team is very large...oh, and that is ME!! just because i am not in yellow or blue or whatever!!! So many people just WALKED by me! unacceptable...Krista, Heather and me...rollin' SoCal style....As soon as Krista won, she headed off to teach a clinic! Solid. Some podium love! It was super cool to have Melanie McQuaid here in town! This chick is an amazing athlete and seemed really nice, wished i had chatted it up with her a bit more!

Also Christie was out doing our feeds in the HOT sun! She did a phenomenal job!

9.Little Gwen turned 1 on Sunday!!!!

10. My original sponsors, Mom and Dad, took me to a post race dinner! I have been hooked up so far this season! Jeremy and Mom and Dad have both been able to see a race! The New Zealand crew just *might* be able to make one this summer! I am very grateful for all their support and love...