Wednesday, March 11

Like I wasn't busy enough...

Tricia is hosting a male cycling team for the Redlands Classic...thank goodness it is my spring break.

Tomorrow will be the trial run of Short Track/Dirt Crit *practice* at Hulda Crooks...Laying tracks, frothing with slobber, hittin' some knack-knacks off the jumps...full report to come on that one.

I picked up the hobby of Bowling on the Wii...I think it will help boost my stock. It was either that or Hip Hop dancing...

I freaked out (this is not a joke...fact on the freak out) on my diet and decided to Lock It UP! In anticipation of APRIL....dun dun dun.....
Directly following my week of vaction for spring break, I am going to Costa Rica!!!! Don't hate!! Remember, you get paid more than me...

Start of one of the stages last year!

What's the big deal down there? well, let me tell you! Check out the link to one of the COOLEST races in, um, Central America!?! I did the math. Costs me LESS TO GO THERE than to Vermont/NY for national races. Enough said!!

My Great friends from years ago, Justin and Amy Mace, did it last year and LOVED IT!!! They are going back again and only had to ask me half a time if I wanted to join!! I then convinced fellow fun-seeker Maureen Kunz - Team Lost Coast Brewery - to scrap the east coast Circus and head to the Jungle with me!!

I am stoked beyond belief to have this option!!! If you are really ambitious, check out the site and look at the course profiles...i should have done that before I mailed the check...but if not, just chew on this:

Stage 1: Parque del Este-Cabeza de Vaca-Parque del Este Time and departure place: Parque del Este 9:00 AM

Finish: Parque del Este

Total Distance: 40 miles

Estimated for the best time: 3 hours

Maximum time allowed: 7:30 hours

Irazú is Costa Rica’s highest volcano at over eleven thousand feet. Located just south of San José, the slopes of Irazú climb steadily to over eleven thousand feet above sea-level. The ride starts northeast of San Jose and climbs steadily from about 3500 feet to about 9000 feet over 30 KM until racers reach Cabeza de Vaca hill, names for the famous Spanish Conquistador that settled this area.

Stage 2: Hotel Montecampana-Volcán Barva-Finca La Paz, Poasito

Time and departure place: 8:00 Hotel Montecampana, Birri de Heredia

Finish: Finca La Paz, Poasito

Distance: 40 miles

Estimated for the best time: 3 hours

Maximum time allowed: 8 hours

This volcano’s pristine rainforest provides the stage for the second day of the race. After a 10 mile climb, racers enter the Barva Volcano National Park for a taste of primary rainforest and technical singletrack down to the foothills of Poás Volcano. The surrounding forest is home to the Resplandescent Quetzal bird, Tapirs and several species of wild cats.

This area was affected by the strong tremor in early January so part of the race proceeds will fund community reconstruction projects.

Stage 3: Finca La Paz Poasito-Volcan Poas-Finca La Paz Poasito

Time and departure place: 8:00 Finca La Paz

Finish: Finca la Paz Poasito

Total Distance: 40 miles

Estimated for the best time: 3 hours

Maximum time allowed: 8 hours

The last stage, with total distance of about 40 miles, will begin in the Finca La Paz near to the towm of Poasito, climbing to the Poas Volcano (world´s second widest crater). Once we reach the Poas National Park we will begin an small uphill and later we enter to a technical single track downhill, passing forest and pastures before finishing climbing up to Poasito Town.

Maybe it was the Villarica Volcano in Chile, or the freedom I felt traveling and experiencing life in such a different way, but I think I am hooked.

On that note, I have to go climb some mountains on my bike!!


Pedal Circles said...

That sounds awesome!!

Adam said...

Wow, now that would be a tough race if it lasted 4 days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy! Just waiting for you at Costa Rica!

Everything is ready for the race!