Thursday, March 26

Bullet Points, Because I am streamlining...

  • The local gals: Tricia, Lisa, Wendy, and Cynthia did us all proud at San Dimas Stage Race...But Cynthia had a nasty crash. Booo.... The boys were there too - Jamie AKA Polly Pocket got business done in the Cat 4's and Mr. Freeman rolled out in the 35+ with the best of them and had a solid performance.

  • I on the other hand, was stuck at Track and Field day officiating volleyball games, mile runs and mile relay and the 100 yard dash. The dashers pitched a fit because 100 was way too long. Look into these eyes! Do they look like they care?!

  • I have banned myself from unneccessary blog reading and web searching. In the amount of time I have saved, I completed my taxes, smogged my car, went to the DMV, cleaned three bike, rode my bike and slept.

  • Sponsor Mike McKovich hooked up the team bike fits. It is amazing how comfortable a bike can become!! I always get a smidge queamish when the carbon handle bars get cut down though....and he keeps telling me i pedal in squares. I should have been a Flintstone.

  • My sister-in-law, Suzanne is in town for the Carnival. She gets people wheels and stuff.

  • Here at the Carnival, lots of folks show up, like 400ish. But I only really wanted to watch these two:

Tara Llanes - World Cup downhiller, and my girl Erica Davis - she was in my undergrad program for PE. This is the first time i have seen Tara since she jumped into a Short Track race and destroyed half the XC girls. Gotta admit, I was a bit emotional...same with Erica, who is on track for the 2012 Paralympics. Us PowderPuff XC racers have no idea...

  • Fontana US Cup is rolling out in full force this weekend. so many people are getting straight up frenetic about the course, which rock is where blah blah blah. Guess what. It is 5.2 mile laps. We get to do it 4 times. I think i can figure it out after the first one.
  • Our community, meaning Redlands and Loma Linda and the SDA crew all across the country has been ROCKED by the Montana plane crash. The far reaching effects are staggering. The 6 degrees of separation are in full force. It is such a tragedy and so painful to know how affected so many of our close friends are due to losing their family members and loved ones. Once again, perspective has been handed to us in an extremely crude way.

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