Saturday, March 14

Don't steal my Thunder!!

I put pictures up on Facebook, Matt Freemon stole them, I have nothing to add.

But since we all know that is a lie, I will put my two cents in.

What all started with an innocent "Do you think you would want to do a short track simulation on Thursday?" From Krista Park...was answered with "Heck yes! Me and ten of my friends!!!"

Matt calls us big mouths, But Adam and I are movers and shakers, we get stuff done, and we know "people."

Who wouldn't want to skip out on dinner with the family, or the Crit practice over way too close to San Bernardino?! Hit up our Dirt Crit, otherwise known as the late Short Track event!

20 minutes plus 3 laps or anaerobic fun! From my very humble opinion, our course rivals that of each national race last year, except the fact that we have a dicey figure 8! Winners get goodies, I snaked cones and soccer field paint from work for the course too.

Maybe one day we will throw a BBQ in the mix....

We had ALL levels out there, spectators, timers and lap cards!!


Veeze Price said...

whats up with San Bernardino. theres some good riding here! hahahahahahahahahaahahahahah. no realy.

JOY said...

excellent point Veeze...i was refering to the roadie nonsense over there. But you should really come throw down in the dirt with us!

Justin said...

i didn't hear about any drama regarding the xc course, but here is my take as a DH racer turned XC weenie...

bring on the tech XC course!! more rocks! throw some drops in there!

btw... sorry to hear about the impact of the plane crash. the death of people close to me always reminds me to live my life the fullest.

JOY said...

the drama is prob this side of the tracks or elsewhere. The prob is different lap numbers and courses for cats and genders and once people start getting their wires crossed it is an endless he said she said yada yada. Moral: we all need to ride it ourselves once it is properly marked.

As for the rocks. I can assure you there are more than Bonelli as you know.

And thank you on the other. Interesting times.