Monday, March 7

Winter Tanning

Yup, we stayed on a floatilla. I felt like I was on a boat for about 3 days post Callville Bay Classic. It was the worst when I was standing center-court with 35 6th graders running around me dribbling basketballs. Oh yack!
The scenery was top notch. I'm not making that up either. A racer, mid road race, says, I know everyone is miserable (this was a fact) but check out how beautiful it is here! And in fact, it was gorgeous.
Brian looking very lean, mean, and pro at the TT start!
Sunset day one looking out at "home"

Although Callville was a few weeks ago, and I didn't do anything amazing, it was a great experience. I got to hang out and help the CashCall Mortgage Cycling team and do some racing of my own in between. The wind there was horrendous, well nothing interesting if you ever ride in Beau(Blow)mont - which I do often.
Rain coming in

The road race on Saturday started after 12. We had the whole morning to plot our outfits. This is where I became very grateful for our winter training. Cold. Miserable. Long. Raining. I have spend hours silently stuck in Brians draft, getting covered in the silt/sand/rain from his rear wheel. I knew one day it would pay off. And this day it did. I was prepared, well dressed and I ate and drank well. I wasn't too uncomfortable because heck, I have been much more miserable on the bike this winter. Things are paying off. we also did trial rides in really bad weather with our glove/rain jacket/leggings vs embro set up which lead to some really nasty days which are now nearly forgotten, but gave me a good game plan for these types of conditions.

Brians race was more difficult in that they had more elevation gain with snow and hail and of course it was longer, poor little fellow was quaking like a leaf at the finish!

Onto more entertaining things, Heather Breyer, and Bradley and Tara and Mohammed for that matter, helped us take engagement pictures. Those of you who know us well know we are cheap, busy, never serious, and pretty much lame.
I got to wear my Party Dress again! Or as the kids call it the Wonder Bread or Candy Land dress! WINNER! Please note my $0.45 earrings from Claires!
Hehehe looking out into the valley...We are smiling, at NOTHING!
Never, ever serious.

This weekend was nuts. Good news is I spend about 10:13 on the bike and did NOT get hit by a care. Phew. Got that over with. AND i rode the train tracks I yarded myself on in the rain, and did not crash.

I am prepping for some pretty legit stuff, so I have been on the fast track since November. Wait, that's not fast at all! But, this weekend called for the following:

Saturday: 5 hours. Each hour was like doing a Wednesday interval ride. 4 hours, 4 different intervals. Hour 5 was a "Tempo - to brush up on your base" heheheh. The workout was named "Everything but the kitchen sink" Awesome-sacue! I loved it. Slept in until 8:30. Food, coffee, solo ride. Fantastic. It was windy as all get-out perfect prep for things to come.

Sunday I finally convinced my homie Lisa Campbell to come ride with me, along with my teammies Cynthia and Andrea. I said, its no big deal. Just 4 hours and 85 miles. OF COURSE that's a lie. Dummie, that takes like 5 hours. I hope she comes back to ride again. :) We hit up all the Redlands Classic routes which means we went through Yucaipa, Beaumont, Banning, Redlands, Calimesa and more!

For sure, I was slightly smashed shall we say. the best way ever!
So OF COURSE we go to Mexican food, to celebrate Cynthias bday!!
They of course gave her birthday flan. She is we *had* to eat it.
I LOVE panuchos!!!!!
Parting shot!!

Saturday, March 5

OH, that's RIGHT!

I forgot why my shoulder hurt so bad, then I remembered I got hit by a landscaping truck on Thursday. I should have stopped right then and sold his 3 lawn mowers, because everyone knows he has no insurance or money for that matter. So I rode away. I KNOW! I should have stayed blah blah blah, but I have little time to dilly dally, and you know the Redlands police are SUPER busy checking pot-hole depth and discussing whether or not they should remove the massive palm fronds from middle of the road. No time for smashed cyclists.

It was super weird actually because I got "hit" well a car bumper nicked my calf, like 1:30 earlier doing an illegal u-turn. This guy did an illegal u-turn left infront of me and I just slammed into the side panel at the side-view mirror, poor wheel went under the tire. I am writing this in jest, because its ridiculous, but I really am SUPER lucky that I yelled and he stopped. That could have been bad bad bad!

I didn't want to call Brian, he was doing a big ride. I didn't want to call anyone. So I just went home. And then of course the phone call from Brian. Hey how was your ride? Good. How was yours....oh ya, I got hit by a car...and I think I ruined your wheel....And this is when we knew BMc was a keeper "I don't care about the wheel, I would go buy a whole new set today, as long as you are ok", about that new wheel set..:))

So moral of the story: It's OK to call your significant other in a time of out for cars making illegal u-turns (today I saw 7!!!) And even in the daylight, nobody can see my black kit and bike. Sigh...