Friday, February 26

Wishing upon a star..

One could only hope that it rains this weekend. Why wouldn't it? It's been 70 degrees and clear all week, and now that its time to go out and pound the pavement, bring on the precipitation!! I have yet to race a crit in the rain and I think I am ready. I have raced all other events in the rain: Mountain bike races, road races, cross races, sunday, its crit-in-the-rain time! YES!!! I have been working on my cornering, bumping, and dismounting, so i am pretty sure I am ready. I may even slap on my super-sick fenders, as to not soil my kit too badly.

Rain won't be the worst people are racing in this weekend. Sagebrush is rumored to be a mud pit and Callville is calling for 80% chance of snow for Brian's 90 mile road race tomorrow. Remember, if it doesn't kill you, it just makes you stronger. Or sick and fatigued, tired, worn out, hypothermic, cross-eyed and caloric-deficient due to excessive shivering.

Best of luck guys...all crashes will be scored using Olympic score cards and standards. Focus on form!

PS is Monday a Holiday? I sure wish it was.

Thursday, February 25

He's in SCHOOL!

Things always seem better on the other side of the fence, or the other side of the world! Nephew Griffyn has successfully enter year 5 of life, which also means going to school in a super cute school uniform!! As a side note, that means my sister Julene had him 5 years ago, which makes her old.

Speaking of the sister, she has ROCKED through 6 Chemo sessions and come out better on the back side!! Well, minus some hair! She pulled a Brittney in the mall and got that mop shaved off! Starting from scratch ain't ever bad! And she looks pretty darn cute!! I got the clippers close by and I just MIGHT....go for a shorter look. Yes, my hair can get shorter!!

I got a box! The Parental Units just returned from a trip to Zambia with a 3 week stop in New Zealand. They picked up this RAD New Zealand cycling jersey for me! Our kits haven't come in yet, so today, Im going to my own MS ride in honor of Julene and wear it!

Thursday, February 11

You know its bad when I forgot my password to my blog...

But none the less, I gotta let you know about this one! YOU GOTTA CHECK OUT ERICA DAVIS'S BLOG!!
Erica and I went to PE school together and she is rad. Check out her story about losing her ability to walk, yet competing in triathlons, handcycle events - you may of seen her at last years Redlands Bicycle Classic, and most recently, she became the first parapalygic women to summit MOUNT KILIMANJARO...enough said... On tap for her is a full season of handcycle events and reaching the Summit of Mt Whitney, another first!!! They are also putting together a documentary to come out in the spring. Can't wait! And, you may just catch her on the Ellen show!!

As for us, we are still thawing out from BLVD road race where we met with the classic heavy rain, thick fog, horrid winds, and splattered hail. To complete the thaw, we are heading to Phoenix for Valley of the Sun stage race. Hope to return with some solid tan lines and no road rash.