Thursday, February 11

You know its bad when I forgot my password to my blog...

But none the less, I gotta let you know about this one! YOU GOTTA CHECK OUT ERICA DAVIS'S BLOG!!
Erica and I went to PE school together and she is rad. Check out her story about losing her ability to walk, yet competing in triathlons, handcycle events - you may of seen her at last years Redlands Bicycle Classic, and most recently, she became the first parapalygic women to summit MOUNT KILIMANJARO...enough said... On tap for her is a full season of handcycle events and reaching the Summit of Mt Whitney, another first!!! They are also putting together a documentary to come out in the spring. Can't wait! And, you may just catch her on the Ellen show!!

As for us, we are still thawing out from BLVD road race where we met with the classic heavy rain, thick fog, horrid winds, and splattered hail. To complete the thaw, we are heading to Phoenix for Valley of the Sun stage race. Hope to return with some solid tan lines and no road rash.

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James said...


Time trial photos are available here, and more photos from the other stages will be up soon on James Rickman Photography.

Congratulations on your race!