Friday, January 29

Just to keep you in the loop....

The Skies have parted and the rains have stopped! However, the 5 day deluge didn't hold me back too much. Although multiple trainer rides had me wanting to, well, do mean things. Friday I got Cabin Fever and headed out in the rain to do some intervals in the rutted out Loma Linda Hills. Solid.

Saturday, Desira and Andrea and I hit up Crafton Hills and Zanja Peak. So what the snow line was like 87 feet! We were going!

SUPER squeaky brakes make for lots of laughs! That's a good g 6" of snow right there. That doesn't happen every day around here. My brother from Boulder asked if I put studs on. HA! Please. Im still running my tires from LAST year that have dried up STANS and 1/3 the tread the started with. No biggy. Whats some running in snow with bikes?!
Cruisin up to the saddle!

The result of these two days of fun were extremely cold appendagages and too much laughing.
Sunday I felt bipolar in 75 degree weather flogging myself in some crit action. The Gnome had an awesome race and got second to some young-gun Canadian U23 champ and I just burned some calories in the womens 1/2/3 race and the men's 3's. Now that's some fun for ya, I could talk a lot about the men's 3 field, but I will just say they are nice. It is really fun to have team members in a race though, that is fun!
That's photo proof of a HOT day, but I don't want to snake it from DMunson, its his job to take pictures! ; )
Now, the weekend is here! As are the races!
Ride On!


Pedal Circles said...

Dude, killer shots of the mountains in the background! Love it.

Kyia said...

So even you get to ride in the snow! That a girl!