Friday, January 15


I have received some complaints and otherwise unsatisfactory comments on my lack of blogging. So here you go!

Last night I had the honor of joining the High School kids on a Charter Bus ride to Big Bear for our Winter Formal. Although I did wear a dress, my tan lines aren't as bad as those above, but pretty close. We got to learn the Waltz up there at high elevation, which at least helped to burn off the Tirimasu I consumed.

Gnome rides for a quarter? This has got to be cooler than Jamie's idea of putting massage chairs in car washes.

And yes, much to my dismay, I rode a trainer. At least it was with 5 other gals and Andrea was nice enough to host it at her house and tell us what to do, like pedal faster. Solid. This in fact was my 2nd trainer workout in 10 months. I attempted another trainer ride Wednesday night, to only FALL OUT of the trainer, like the quickrelease kept slipping, 2 times! This erked me so bad, I headed back outside, at 8pm, to do my training ride.

Favorite ride: Oak Glen in the dark for Intervals. Open roads, clear sky, crisp air.

Quotable quote: "So are we fitting your primary bike?" (Eileen the best bike fit ever asks me) ME: "Yes. My road bike is my primary bike."

This season is going to be interesting!!

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Pedal Circles said...

Soo looking forward to you killing it on the road this year!