Wednesday, November 28

What i Really wanted was a nose ring...

But with my job and all, i had to go for a new hair cut

Thursday, November 22

Thanksgiving, on the Flip Side

My sister Julene sent this recap of their New Zealand Thanksgiving.

"we couldn't resist celebrating Thanksgiving with you all...even though we are technically a day early! I cooked up lovely non-traditional Kiwi thanksgiving food and Rouru got costumes! The pictures show "the Indian" (Griffyn) and the powow between the Indians (Rouru and Griffyn) and the cowboys (Narada and Chucky). I was a cowgirl but Griffyn didn't really like that term so I was the photographer."

Im on my way to buy our costumes right now!

Tuesday, November 20

Taking them down, one at a time

This has the potential to be very un-PC.

Team PossAbilities
, based out of Redlands CA has a wide roster or athletes. My goal, since about August, is to take them down, one at a time. Van got dropped on a Tuesday night group ride. Yup, that counts. Even though he is in med school and was probably up for 36 hours, that's his problem.

Adam took the dive at the Aspen NMBS Final. Although he was delerious from the altitude and couldn't see straight or breath without a paper bag, i beat him. and that counts.

Art is usually about a minute ahead of me, that counts as being taken down.

There is this guy, we call him Church Socks, because he always wears church socks when he rides. His time will come. And soon.

The most recent victim was Eric (well Adam too, but he has already been demoted) at the 12 hours of Temecula. There were some wagers set that i may have slower lap times than them, but i would definately have more laps completed. As i finished my 8th lap, i asked Eric's wife what his story was. He and Adam were out on 8, and probably done. That sealed the deal for me to limp out on my 9th and final lap.

On the average, i highly dislike race updates. they tend to be run of the mill. "I started strong, someone messed me up, i worked pretty hard, found my fitness and finished so-so. Blah, blah, blah."

BUT, i ventured away from my usual Cross Country events to compete in a 12 hour race on saturday. i dont train for such madness and the longest i have ever been on a bike was 7.5 hrs a few years back when Shelli and i got lost. i have started that base mile stuff that has put me on some 6 hour rides, but that about sums it up.

The event boasted a cornacopia of Who's-who of SoCal, which was great to connect with the crowd i usually wouldn't see until March. The flip side of attendence was quite opposite. They had no clue what the NMBS is, Cal states or that people race at all. These guys are a specail breed that can dig deeper and go longer than most people i have ever ridden with.

Our pit station was killer. A mix of PAssPT, Jose Ole, and PossAbilities, made the stops a little bit more enjoyable.

I tended to ride with packs of single speed guys for about 3 laps until some one had a flat or went into pit. most of my day was spent in utter silence by choice and then by obligation because the effort to speak or formulate conversation was much too taxing.

Vital stats:
I had fun
I never wanted to quit
I did not sit down from 9am-8:20pm
Ride time was 10hr 45min (probably about 11:20 with pits)
9 laps
95 miles
Something like 14,500ft of climbing
I never puked, just wanted to

The people, like Pua, who actually DO these events, and maintain the same lap times, over and over, amaze me. The depth of their ability ot suffer is astounding.

I rode my bike yesterday. We are still friends.

Maybe this weekend i will try a cross race. Why not.

Wednesday, November 14

It's Been a Week, i have made some very bad choices

1. I agreed to ride my mountain bike for 12 hours straight on saturday. yeah, thats right. and it was probably a bad choice.

2. i started commuting to work via bike. it takes 15-25 minutes depending on the train schedule and the sun setting schedule.

3. I stopped commuting to work via bike and this is why:
A. It made me sweat before work, it is not a long enough voyage to kit-up for, so i sweated in my work clothes. thats sick. i dont want to waste another change of clothes for 30 minutes of ride time, i would rather waste .056 gallons of gas. Being sweaty at the start of the day makes my capris or shorts fit weird (i dont own pants). It also makes my hair uncooperative and my face prone to acne.

B. Where i live, i am surrounded by students. They honk at me, ask me if i need gas money so i can drive to work or their parents roll down the window and ask if i need a ride. this is embarrasing. I also saw some "cyclists" out for a ride while i was going home with my backpack, sneakers and khaki shorts. they gave me the look. not the good one. But maybe they saw my tan lines...

C. Friday i rode my bike to a volleyball pool party. All the kids and their parents passed me on the way there. This was awkward.

D. I take a lot of things with me. loading up the BOB trailer just wasnt a good idea.

This whole issue will be revisted tomorrow morning as i contemplate my wardrobe for the day and whether or not the sweat marks will enhance it, or bump it down a notch.

Thursday, November 8

Parent Teacher Conferences

Why is it, that they just don't care if their child has a C in PE, which by the way, takes more effort to receive than an A? So may schedule is long and open. Giving me ample time to tie up some loose ends, check out some "stuff" and do some "things."

FRENEMIES: an account of the mustache ride
In the land of bikes, the emotions can run thick

At times you love your friends, and at others they just make you sick

It is a delicate matter, when to shun them or when they are the first ones you would pick

On this night, there wasn’t even a trick

They made the options quite obvious, like being hit with a brick

That until they shaved, the name enemies would have to stick

Wednesday, November 7


My hair grew.

Now i look like Boo.

Monday, November 5

Half Breed

I got a new bike.

Its pretty hot.

A bit like a Mullet, but backwards. Big in the front, small in the back. i have no idea what it will ride like or feel like, but i am sure it will be worth the effort.

I am planning on breaking it at the 12 hours of Temecula, "racing" solo. Should be a pleasent day in the saddle!

The little red Specialized is going back tomorrow, i tried to clean it as best i could, and gave it one last hurrah on Sunday. That sure was a nice toy!!

Sunday, November 4

Breaking News: Fontana National Short Track Race Course

Due to an overwhelming amount of smack talk from around the country regarding the Fontana race venue, somethings will be changing. Now this is in no way an attempt to appease the high-faluten, altitude stricken, ski resort riding racers who have yet to understand the fact that urban riding is alive and well in America. Quite the contrary.

The STXC race will be held in the remotely close town of Redlands. WHAT! You can drive across the country, you can drive across the county. ACtually, it will probably be a shorter drive than that from your hotel in Ontario to the venue.

REQUIREMENTS: Single Speed or fix gear road bike. Actually a "go to market bike" works really well on this course too. No nobby tires aloud. this will be a night venue, so head lamps, handle bar lights and blinkies are a MUST!!! Street clothes is preferred, but if you must, a shammie can be worn UNDER your other clothes. YOu will not be aloud to race with a jersey on. No exceptions!!

THE COURSE: The start will be in the middle of the CRIT course for the Redlands Bicycle Classic. Why NOT! IT will be fast with many turns and then the fun begins! You will drop into the ONLY under ground parking garage IN TOWN and complete DOZENS of laps INSIDE! Every 12th lap you will pop out onto the crit course, hit that one up a bit and then drop back in for 12 more.

I am very excited to be hosting this event with my team, and the RedAsphalt ride... WAY more to come later!!!

Friday, November 2

Somebody else's great idea...


The exterior of my office went from Fall Fodder to your local recycling center.

At least Dozer, the school mascot is always close by

This was not my idea either: But i did make that sign. Actually, i just painted it. Some got on my shoe, so i felt invested.

This one was genious: A trash can, brilliant.

Joshua Tree
in an attempt to run away from the smoke hovering over the homeland, Christtie, Trevor, Matt and I headed to J Tree last weekend for some base miles. I saw a lot of this for 4 hours.

Yah, that's right.