Sunday, November 4

Breaking News: Fontana National Short Track Race Course

Due to an overwhelming amount of smack talk from around the country regarding the Fontana race venue, somethings will be changing. Now this is in no way an attempt to appease the high-faluten, altitude stricken, ski resort riding racers who have yet to understand the fact that urban riding is alive and well in America. Quite the contrary.

The STXC race will be held in the remotely close town of Redlands. WHAT! You can drive across the country, you can drive across the county. ACtually, it will probably be a shorter drive than that from your hotel in Ontario to the venue.

REQUIREMENTS: Single Speed or fix gear road bike. Actually a "go to market bike" works really well on this course too. No nobby tires aloud. this will be a night venue, so head lamps, handle bar lights and blinkies are a MUST!!! Street clothes is preferred, but if you must, a shammie can be worn UNDER your other clothes. YOu will not be aloud to race with a jersey on. No exceptions!!

THE COURSE: The start will be in the middle of the CRIT course for the Redlands Bicycle Classic. Why NOT! IT will be fast with many turns and then the fun begins! You will drop into the ONLY under ground parking garage IN TOWN and complete DOZENS of laps INSIDE! Every 12th lap you will pop out onto the crit course, hit that one up a bit and then drop back in for 12 more.

I am very excited to be hosting this event with my team, and the RedAsphalt ride... WAY more to come later!!!


Anonymous said...

You said drive across the country twice. No ones thant dumb...oh wait

JOY said...

Actually, my small friend, that was country THEN COUNTY. But going from Fontana to Redlands is like being in a different country.

Veeze Price said...

did this already happen for november? It's the 1st fri day of the month right? sounds fun

Matt said...

As long as Frosty continues his arbitrary short track pullings, then I'm all in.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for my great California education. Its helped me read so well.