Wednesday, November 14

It's Been a Week, i have made some very bad choices

1. I agreed to ride my mountain bike for 12 hours straight on saturday. yeah, thats right. and it was probably a bad choice.

2. i started commuting to work via bike. it takes 15-25 minutes depending on the train schedule and the sun setting schedule.

3. I stopped commuting to work via bike and this is why:
A. It made me sweat before work, it is not a long enough voyage to kit-up for, so i sweated in my work clothes. thats sick. i dont want to waste another change of clothes for 30 minutes of ride time, i would rather waste .056 gallons of gas. Being sweaty at the start of the day makes my capris or shorts fit weird (i dont own pants). It also makes my hair uncooperative and my face prone to acne.

B. Where i live, i am surrounded by students. They honk at me, ask me if i need gas money so i can drive to work or their parents roll down the window and ask if i need a ride. this is embarrasing. I also saw some "cyclists" out for a ride while i was going home with my backpack, sneakers and khaki shorts. they gave me the look. not the good one. But maybe they saw my tan lines...

C. Friday i rode my bike to a volleyball pool party. All the kids and their parents passed me on the way there. This was awkward.

D. I take a lot of things with me. loading up the BOB trailer just wasnt a good idea.

This whole issue will be revisted tomorrow morning as i contemplate my wardrobe for the day and whether or not the sweat marks will enhance it, or bump it down a notch.

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Matt said...

It's a good thing Abe Lincoln didn't stop commuting on foot 5-miles one-way in the snow to school just because his classmates were passing him by via horse and buggy. Otherwise he wouldn't have gotten an education and wouldn't have issued the emancipation proclimation. I'm just saying.