Saturday, January 27

ONLY in the woods...

Our woodland "town" is overflowing with a plethora of varments or various size. Me and the boys have had several encounters with racoons which always leaves dozer drooling, pacing, and sporting a mowhawk!

Thursday night, around 2:00am, when i took Small Pet out to water the lawn, Dozer bolted out between my legs. He scurried around the yard searching for the creatures. Then i heard them. IN THE GARAGE!!! I am remotely afraid of them, so i just went inside and cleaned up all the trash the next morning.

Saturday night, around midnight, i awoke to an orange blinking light. First thought was that i had hit the panic button somehow on my jeep keys. I went down stairs, and yes, it was the Jeeps hazard lights. Was someone steeling it? no, it was the first car in the drive, with two behind it! I summoned Dozer to my side, holstered my keys and went out into the cold. As soon as we crested the stairs, Dozers hair stood on end and his throat began to rumble with distain. I came along side the Jeep, clicked the unlock button which turns on the dome light and stared in dismay. There was a RACOON sitting on the drivers seat of the jeep, one hand on the stearing wheel and one on the window. I flipped out. I ran inside and woke Jason up and told him my disturbing tale. He merely grunted and asked if i thought i could kill it.

Once back outside, i opened the rear hatch window, hoping to lure Dozers prey out. I decided that the Racoon was moderately intelligent, so i took Snoop inside. Still not leaving, i opened a rear passenger door. Now remember, this whole time the hazards are flashing. He then turns the head lights on. He kept trying to get out through the window which was only open about 4 inches. (Not my fault) He finally realized he could actually use a door. As he scampered on the roof, i thought to myself, no, hes not that stupid, he cant! But he did! He ran right onto the hatch, which slammed shut and catipulted him into the wood pile below.

Now, thats comedy. If you don't think that is actually funny, i officially think you are very boring.

Friday, January 26

ESL etc

ESL: English as a Second Language

I go to graduate school with a bunch of really intelligent people. there is one small issue. OUr round table discussion look like a meeting at the United Nations. In one class there are THREE of us who our first language is English. The rest are from Ghana, Cambodia, and Taiwan. I find that when i speak, most people just look at me. I have to slow it down, and leave out a bunch of the extras. i am sure many of you would appreciate this approach to my discussion tactics. I have a lot of respect for this group of people. The content of the classes is quite difficult and very indepth. They told me that have to read the chapters multiple times always using their translator computers.

PET update: Dozer and #Dos
Don't be jealous!

OH, my face: Looks are deceiving

I smile a lot and so people see my teeth. I get compliments on how nice they are. If they only knew. These pictures were taken this week when i needed to get my veneers taken off, temps put on, in expectations of veneers that seal properly. I have not seen the teeth in this state since 2001 so i had my dentist take a picture, but i could not look at it until i got to work later on. With the lack of endophines that were cruising through my veins when i knocked them out, i was not sure i would actually find it entertaining this time.

I already had the shots and stuff, so i look weird

Don't worry, they are covered up now!

Riding has been great, the phone works, and the pipes are piping hot. I have great expectations for the weekend to come, which will start in about 65 minutes with a ride through the Wash with The Husband!

happy riding!

Monday, January 15

Frozen, and dont call me

I saw an entire orange grove frozen this morning. The early shift sprinklers were ticking away as their spray instantaniously froze the the leaves, then the ground, as the icecicles froze in modern stalagmites, or is it stalagtites. i can never remember.

Oh yes, i am not being rude, but dont call me at home, until further notice. The guys across the street lost their phone line due to either a branch, and too-tall truck or a rabid racoon. Verizon was very nice and came out and fixed it for them on Friday, subsequently taking our line out. I called the wonderful provider of connection to the world, on Friday, and they said they would work really hard, put me at the top of the list and hopefully have a line for us by 5pm TUESDAY. Thank you, for your hard work and dedication.

Some people raced this weekend. Man, what is October going to feel like, deep down inside for them after 8 months of pounding the dirt.

Some people rode the snow, somehow logically saying it was ok to be below 10 degrees, because there was snow.

Personally, i rode the sand, the dirt, the trainer, and the wind. This crazy wind has gotta chill out!

For me, my hands are frozen, my driveway is frozen. The steps to my house in both directions are frozen solid and i can even spot a little orb of frozen yellow snow. Anything that was snow is now ice, which makes walking in any shoe awkward. Also, the pipes were, have been, and probably will be tomorrow, frozen. its nothing personal, its just really cold. There is nothing more rude than waking up at 4:15am to make that much needed coffee. You place the filter in the hole. You dump the beans into the grinder, making that awful noise that just about wakes up the Boys, then you pull the karaff out, place it under the faucet, turn the nob. NOTHING. And all of this in the dark.

Thursday, January 4

The Real Deal

TIMMY, In a South Park accent is the only acceptable way to address Pet #2.

These boys will not stop. From the kitchen i hear a yelp, a snarl, and a grawl. I run to see what it was and who was bleeding, but no. Timber was lunging at Dozer, being as fiesty as possible. Attacking again and again with all his might, biting his neck, hanging from his cheek and searching for something to nurse from. They are both recovering nicely.

Timmy found one of Dozers bones. A bit more than he could handle, but of course, he thought he could.

Dozer and his dang stick. We kept hiding and then it would appear out of nowhere. It was about 8 feet long The act that led to its demise was the bashing of about four different peoples knee caps with one calculated manuver. It made a great fire starter.

And then there were TWO

American Bulldogs, that is. BUT, i wont have pics until this afternoon. The little piglett from Charlottes Web will have to do. There is a shocking resemblance. The new one, 7 weeks old and 13 pounds (that is VERY large) is doing great. His name is TIMBER and he is quite calm. I only had to take him out about every 2.5-3 hours last night and he hasnt once peed in the house, yet. Dozer is freaking out and feeling inferior and dominating at the same time, which will dwindle soon.

Jason and I canoeing last winter in FL.

Cape Canaveral State Beach, FL my mom took this one and she called it Beach Bums, and thought it was very funny!! hahhaha....

Flash backs of a different kind. Christmas1985, i am about 6 years old. I can figure that out by the amount of hair my dad has and the color of my moms hair, oh, and the year. IF you can not figure out which one i am, we must not be that good of friends.

Wednesday, January 3

Just The Beginning

Happy New Years, of course. Jason and i just returned from our trip to FL where things went grand. My dad gave me 5 disks of photos, so i finally have something exciting to share!!


Would you like to know how i really felt?
I saw the kid in the back walking around earlier and he was obviously blind. What a ride.
This lady had two small kids SCREAMING "mommy" as she rode by. She came in 15th. I guess she is an old-school podium finisher coming back after starting a family. Now that is cool. Gives us all hope!!
UPGRADES: Ha, not me for sure! But i was ELATED to know that Heather and Kim made the move!! Good girls. THanx for opening up the top of the field.