Thursday, January 4

And then there were TWO

American Bulldogs, that is. BUT, i wont have pics until this afternoon. The little piglett from Charlottes Web will have to do. There is a shocking resemblance. The new one, 7 weeks old and 13 pounds (that is VERY large) is doing great. His name is TIMBER and he is quite calm. I only had to take him out about every 2.5-3 hours last night and he hasnt once peed in the house, yet. Dozer is freaking out and feeling inferior and dominating at the same time, which will dwindle soon.

Jason and I canoeing last winter in FL.

Cape Canaveral State Beach, FL my mom took this one and she called it Beach Bums, and thought it was very funny!! hahhaha....

Flash backs of a different kind. Christmas1985, i am about 6 years old. I can figure that out by the amount of hair my dad has and the color of my moms hair, oh, and the year. IF you can not figure out which one i am, we must not be that good of friends.


Laura said...

Ahaha! I love that old school pic! I remember you with your pink plastic headbands and buck teeth. :)

Dick and Brenda look so young and full of hair! ahahaha.

Joy said...

you just wait laura, i have one just for YOU ahahahaha