Monday, January 15

Frozen, and dont call me

I saw an entire orange grove frozen this morning. The early shift sprinklers were ticking away as their spray instantaniously froze the the leaves, then the ground, as the icecicles froze in modern stalagmites, or is it stalagtites. i can never remember.

Oh yes, i am not being rude, but dont call me at home, until further notice. The guys across the street lost their phone line due to either a branch, and too-tall truck or a rabid racoon. Verizon was very nice and came out and fixed it for them on Friday, subsequently taking our line out. I called the wonderful provider of connection to the world, on Friday, and they said they would work really hard, put me at the top of the list and hopefully have a line for us by 5pm TUESDAY. Thank you, for your hard work and dedication.

Some people raced this weekend. Man, what is October going to feel like, deep down inside for them after 8 months of pounding the dirt.

Some people rode the snow, somehow logically saying it was ok to be below 10 degrees, because there was snow.

Personally, i rode the sand, the dirt, the trainer, and the wind. This crazy wind has gotta chill out!

For me, my hands are frozen, my driveway is frozen. The steps to my house in both directions are frozen solid and i can even spot a little orb of frozen yellow snow. Anything that was snow is now ice, which makes walking in any shoe awkward. Also, the pipes were, have been, and probably will be tomorrow, frozen. its nothing personal, its just really cold. There is nothing more rude than waking up at 4:15am to make that much needed coffee. You place the filter in the hole. You dump the beans into the grinder, making that awful noise that just about wakes up the Boys, then you pull the karaff out, place it under the faucet, turn the nob. NOTHING. And all of this in the dark.


grifsmum said...

ha ha ha ha ha! Now I FEEL cold just reading that, but we're warm, really warm! It's in the mid 70's, Griffyn's pool is waiting for him to wake up and mom and dad are asleep in their single beds in Chucky's room! Wish you and Jason were here to join us for a picnic in the ranges tonight!

Laura said...

It was 1.6 degrees F when I got up this morning. Right now it is 3.

Must. Leave. Nebraska.