Friday, January 26

ESL etc

ESL: English as a Second Language

I go to graduate school with a bunch of really intelligent people. there is one small issue. OUr round table discussion look like a meeting at the United Nations. In one class there are THREE of us who our first language is English. The rest are from Ghana, Cambodia, and Taiwan. I find that when i speak, most people just look at me. I have to slow it down, and leave out a bunch of the extras. i am sure many of you would appreciate this approach to my discussion tactics. I have a lot of respect for this group of people. The content of the classes is quite difficult and very indepth. They told me that have to read the chapters multiple times always using their translator computers.

PET update: Dozer and #Dos
Don't be jealous!

OH, my face: Looks are deceiving

I smile a lot and so people see my teeth. I get compliments on how nice they are. If they only knew. These pictures were taken this week when i needed to get my veneers taken off, temps put on, in expectations of veneers that seal properly. I have not seen the teeth in this state since 2001 so i had my dentist take a picture, but i could not look at it until i got to work later on. With the lack of endophines that were cruising through my veins when i knocked them out, i was not sure i would actually find it entertaining this time.

I already had the shots and stuff, so i look weird

Don't worry, they are covered up now!

Riding has been great, the phone works, and the pipes are piping hot. I have great expectations for the weekend to come, which will start in about 65 minutes with a ride through the Wash with The Husband!

happy riding!

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