Thursday, January 4

The Real Deal

TIMMY, In a South Park accent is the only acceptable way to address Pet #2.

These boys will not stop. From the kitchen i hear a yelp, a snarl, and a grawl. I run to see what it was and who was bleeding, but no. Timber was lunging at Dozer, being as fiesty as possible. Attacking again and again with all his might, biting his neck, hanging from his cheek and searching for something to nurse from. They are both recovering nicely.

Timmy found one of Dozers bones. A bit more than he could handle, but of course, he thought he could.

Dozer and his dang stick. We kept hiding and then it would appear out of nowhere. It was about 8 feet long The act that led to its demise was the bashing of about four different peoples knee caps with one calculated manuver. It made a great fire starter.

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