Wednesday, October 26

Exciting Times Ahead!

I know, I know. My blogging is total weak sauce. But seriously, these days are flying by and I am having a hard time staying on track!!

Big Wheel Coaching is picking up momentum and November is packed with seminars, certifications and meetings. Looks like I will be out of town 50% of the month! That is something I am going to have to get used to for sure. I am becoming quite the home-body but looking forward to some high quality "host-housing" next month and lots of learning!!

But before we reach November, we are going to sign off on October with style!! Friday I get to fight my "eating and driving" traffic ticket in the San Bernardino court and head off to last minute race prep.

Destination: 24 Hours of Halloween! In Los Olivos which means I get to eat at Ellen's Danish Pancakes, at least one time!! Woohoo! I raced here a ton when it was a national event, but its been a few years for sure! Looking forward to the dust, bumpy cow paths and lots of fun!

The Team: This will be my one and only mountain bike race for 2011. Yikes! Barely getting it on the calendar! Thankfully, I won't be doing lap after lap after lap solo. I am on a 5 person coed team which promises to be highly entertaining and pretty dang fast. I asked "How serious are we taking this?" Answer: "We like to win." Got it. So Suzanne Sonye, Rahsaan Bahati, Ina Teutenberg, William Buckley, and well, me. I have been practicing my MTBing and feeling pretty sporty with it. Doesn't hurt that I picked up (Thanks Uncle!) a new Trek Superfly 100 which will for sure make me amazing. :)

I am planning on lots of photos, videos and funny stuff to take place at the event which I will gladly share with the masses. In all seriousness though, I am really excited about the event. It has been a great motivator to get me out in the dirt again which I truly love. it is giving me the opportunity to meet new people and amazing people in our sport at that. I am very grateful for the opportunity!

I am also doing product reviews and taking my off the bike fitness very seriously. I am at a juncture where I can really change my cycling for the better. Addressing the "health" of my feet with eSoles, using Trigger Point Therapy on my muscles, and Melt Method balls for my feet is just the beginning. And what better to do while watching training/coaching webinars?

Reviews to come on my coaching website once I have used the tools for a few weeks!

Enjoy your the last week of October!