Monday, March 31

Right of Passage

Just like a little Indian boy, i have been sent out on my right of passage voyage. Although i have yet to find my true Indian Name, i did find a new teammate along the way, as well as a new title sponsor and racing kit. Thank the gods for all of those...

Expert racer SHELLI and i after my first Pro Short Track. Someone lied to me. This was like nothing ever experienced in my life. I had dirt tears curreaning down my face due to the extremely high amounts of dirt in my eyes. i couldn't see anyone on the first lap because it was so dusty!

Not pictured additions to Team COLE/Marten Trans are Tonya Bray PRO XC and Tammy, Beginner. Getting the women out on the trails!

Pre-short track. Recovering, slightly, from Saturdays Cross Country race. i might as well have been playing Lacrosse with the Sioux Nation for the last three years, i have never worked this hard for that exteneded period of time in any race. Ever. Done.

I loved it.

Wednesday, March 26

We need to talk.


I am not sick any more, YET i maintain my pledge to continue in sugary indulgences. Here is a snippet of what still ails me:

Mr. Coach:
I have completely recovered from the black death. A few minor issues linger, like if i tap the back of my head on the precise spot, i can feel it in a few of my molars. I can also feel those specific teeth if i go over a bump or any sweet jumps.

Other than that, i have just been TCB, laying by the pool, fixing my hair and picking out my outfits.

However, i did get a bit too much sun on my back. it keeps getting darker while the back and front for that matter, of my thighs stays opaquely white. it could be the shadow of my extremely large hind-quarters that blocks the sun from reaching the skin. i apologize for loosing my small white t-shirt tan lines. I don't know what i was thinking. I will wear a jersey while laying out tomorrow, which in fact will solve the problem of the burned back. But what to do with the thighs...

On another note, my water diet is going well. We have a reverse osmosis (eh?) water filter, so i can feel the ions (?) and minerals (?) running through my veins, but mostly out of my urethra. I only have one. Other people have two. i don't know if you know that or not.

i covet a nap right now since i squandered my night hours away watching A level reality TV which quickly fell to the quality of something that would go straight to video. But a nap i can not have because a) my back is burned c) my sheets are in the wash c) i used half a can of expensive hairspray on my hair, to get it to "pop" which after an encounter with Mr. pillow, would have to be readjusted and reapplied. I can not have flat hair for the big events of my evening, which shall include but yet are not limited to:

watching reality TV
drinking high quality water
avoiding at all costs the teenagers that are convening here for a hot tub adventure. you don't even want to know.

I stay in my room. this sounds highly negligent, oh quite contrare. I keep my window wide open, and the light off. i can see and hear way more than they can. i call it impeccable hearing and a pretty good view.

Sunday, March 23

I got sick

So i decided this stupid No Sugar thing did it.

I made (and subsequently ate) brownies WITH Reese's Peanut Butter cups; chocolate chips; Heath Bar Bits; and i served it hot, with vanilla ice cream.

Although i could not taste it because my nose is so plugged, it felt really good to be so bad.

I weigh 6 pounds more today.

Back to the drawing board.

Friday, March 21

Just when i thought i was a really exciting person:

I get an email from a friend that was in reply to one that i had sent. This is what i had to say, and this is why i need to find another hobby OR participate at a higher level in the ones i already have:

Hopefully you had a delicious dinner. Mine was ok, but it left me feeling over fed and distended which leads me to believe i over ate and could become fat by the morning which also led me to "think" about yaking it all back up. it wasnt that good anyways.

I have not even decided which pair of plaid shorts i should wear tomorrow or if i should opt for something a bit more bland.

I should have taken a sick day today

Today is Track and Field Day for the high school. They asked me take care of all the running events. I got here at 7:15am to make sure all the spots were lined and marked. i was met with a dissary of what the children now view as class spirit.

As PE teacher, i have many other duties. Janitor falls in that line somewhere.

The Stupid Rock got painted. Again.

The Field got Forked

They put Cups in the fence

A Trash Can Elevated

Looks like the Tables are now part of a Fortress

Low Budget
Cinco de Mayo party

My Fan Club making a move

Thursday, March 20

You know it will be a good day in PE land when

you get a box full of these first thing in the morning

Wednesday, March 19

Fighting the Good Fight

Against sugar that is.
i have convinced myself that fresh or dried fruits DO NOT count as sugar. Although i am well aware that they are. I also believe that sugar added to a cup of coffee is in fact, not sugar.

BUT these are the things i have passed up in precisely one week:
1. Cake x 3
2. Muffins
3. Donuts
4. Brownies (i even made these with handfuls of chocolate chips and ate not a ONE)
5. Cookies of various shapes and sizes
6. Delicious circus animal crackers. mmmm.

And these are only the items that have been offered to me. Imagine what torture the check out line is at the super market.

I am dreading Easter Sunday...

Wednesday, March 12

DFC Part 3, i think. i lost track

Although i like to think of myself as the most popular Duerksen, there are a few more and sometimes, they do some pretty cool stuff.

In spirit of the Fit theme (Duerksen Fit Camp) i will start with sister Julene. She just had baby number 2 which is a sure way to drop 1-20 pounds in a day. Good work and excellent baby building!

Nephew Griffyn stays fit playing in sand, dirt, mud, water. He just had his 3rd birthday party. while his mom was in the hospital, dad was sick with the flu. But he didn't care. He got toys.

Here is the proud Papi, Rouru, with Gwendolyn Manangany Joy Duerksen-Kapao. I know, poor kid has Joy Duerksen in her name. i better clean up my act. I hope they just call her Gwen.

Here is sister, Griffyn and Gwen, doing the Island thing

My parents keep fit by traveling the globe. This here is a Blue-Footed Booby. Serious. Dad took this photo in the Galapagos Islands last month!

This is a sure way to derail your fitness. This burrito was the size of a loaf of bread. I ate half of mine. Then spread the rest out over Monday and Tuesdays lunchs. Jeremy ate all of his. sick.

This here could be the root of all my problems. I have NOT eaten candy for 36 hours. I am doing ok. i had to down a ton of orange juice and eat an entire pack of gum. But no candy has crossed these lips!

Jeremy came to Bonelli to prove his fitness. He doesn't race mountain bikes, and flipped out at $50 entry fees. He raced the 5 stages of the Tour of Gila for just over $100. What gives! After bribing him with a $20, (which he later used to buy that giant burrito) he opted to renew his super old expert license and forgo racing sport. This was a good thing, he came in second and took a nasty spill that left his squeeling and bleeding from the elbow. I went to first aid and just saw his bike and jersey. awkward. But he only complained about falling on his Garmin and ruining it. he was also worried he may have injured Uncle Greg's Superfly, but it proved resiliant. That Superfly is how Greg is recapturing his fitness.

I was just excited that i got some new white shades and had enough product to put my hair up in fo-hawk form. The cardio blast you receive at Bonelli can do nothing but improve your fitness.

Zack Thorp, crit specialist, came to the games too, only to get stung by a bee. On his head. Which he was allergic too. We looked like warriors all sprawled out on the lawn, bike 50 yards away. Zack asking for Benedryl, Jeremy wondering if he had in fact hit the guy or if the guy had actually backed into him going 25 mpg, Shelli wondering if that shot-gun sound when she flatted had actually blown her sidewall, and i was still wondering where all the candy was. All as Matt was riding backwards on the course looking for some water. Maybe thats where my candy is.

Tuesday, March 11

Backlogged Blog

I have been pretty busy making power points and outlines about this:

and this:

So much so, that i almost forgot about this:

Hopefully these folks will open a franchise in Fontana:

We got to the hugest flag ever flown via this:

And we had to sleep in this: Room for 2? NO....

Room for 4!

Things are really weird on cruise ships:

I think i slept with this guy one day (i slept mostly during the day and hunted for miscrients during the night hours)

The signage in Mexico was really odd too:

And nobody told me about the prom dresses. At least i had enough time to fix my hair.

Wednesday, March 5