Monday, March 31

Right of Passage

Just like a little Indian boy, i have been sent out on my right of passage voyage. Although i have yet to find my true Indian Name, i did find a new teammate along the way, as well as a new title sponsor and racing kit. Thank the gods for all of those...

Expert racer SHELLI and i after my first Pro Short Track. Someone lied to me. This was like nothing ever experienced in my life. I had dirt tears curreaning down my face due to the extremely high amounts of dirt in my eyes. i couldn't see anyone on the first lap because it was so dusty!

Not pictured additions to Team COLE/Marten Trans are Tonya Bray PRO XC and Tammy, Beginner. Getting the women out on the trails!

Pre-short track. Recovering, slightly, from Saturdays Cross Country race. i might as well have been playing Lacrosse with the Sioux Nation for the last three years, i have never worked this hard for that exteneded period of time in any race. Ever. Done.

I loved it.


Christie said...

I am very proud of you, grasshopper!

Backin1980 said...

I dub thee " Spinning Bear " , compliments of mark " Running Tab " .