Tuesday, March 11

Backlogged Blog

I have been pretty busy making power points and outlines about this:

and this:

So much so, that i almost forgot about this:

Hopefully these folks will open a franchise in Fontana:

We got to the hugest flag ever flown via this:

And we had to sleep in this: Room for 2? NO....

Room for 4!

Things are really weird on cruise ships:

I think i slept with this guy one day (i slept mostly during the day and hunted for miscrients during the night hours)

The signage in Mexico was really odd too:

And nobody told me about the prom dresses. At least i had enough time to fix my hair.


Matt said...

I could have done without the anatomy lesson. I read this blog for comic relief and prime public ridicule.

vanessa said...

I think I have been on that cruise. Did they have karaoke?

Did you know when you tummy grumbles its food moving through your small intestine

Backin1980 said...

Prom Queen,

This message was e-mailed from the Villa Fontana Inn. This free high speed internet is awesome. Thanks for all the help at spin class. I really didn't want to get dropped and have JT call me Fred.