Friday, March 21

Just when i thought i was a really exciting person:

I get an email from a friend that was in reply to one that i had sent. This is what i had to say, and this is why i need to find another hobby OR participate at a higher level in the ones i already have:

Hopefully you had a delicious dinner. Mine was ok, but it left me feeling over fed and distended which leads me to believe i over ate and could become fat by the morning which also led me to "think" about yaking it all back up. it wasnt that good anyways.

I have not even decided which pair of plaid shorts i should wear tomorrow or if i should opt for something a bit more bland.


Boy About Town LB said...

I just want to let you know that gay men have the same conversation all the time...but we never go for anything bland!

JOY said...

Thank you for the support. i will remember to have at least one piece of flare every day.