Friday, March 21

I should have taken a sick day today

Today is Track and Field Day for the high school. They asked me take care of all the running events. I got here at 7:15am to make sure all the spots were lined and marked. i was met with a dissary of what the children now view as class spirit.

As PE teacher, i have many other duties. Janitor falls in that line somewhere.

The Stupid Rock got painted. Again.

The Field got Forked

They put Cups in the fence

A Trash Can Elevated

Looks like the Tables are now part of a Fortress

Low Budget
Cinco de Mayo party

My Fan Club making a move


Team Lost Coast Brewery said...

Rwar~! I do concur on the sexy butt comment. Looks you have some fans at school ;)

Anonymous said...

hmmm... I think it was the
10th graders