Thursday, December 31

There's a new Blog in town!!

Check it! A nice cornucopia of mountain biker hotties has been assembled by Allison Mann so that we can unleash a cascade of food knowledge to everyone who cares, or just to ourselves. We all tend to communicate via food on Facebook and email, so why not just start a blog about it? My food blog is somewhat dormant, but I am sure the New Year will, well leave it just the same.
So in an effort to NOT post a list of wonderful things of the past year, I thought about posting things that really sucked about 2009, but my list go too long, and I began to get all emo. Nah, actually, tomorrow is just another day. Hopefully a sunny one with moderate temperature and excellent road conditions.

It actually got cold around here. So much so, that I had to "Build a Man" Since these rides take like 14 hours though, but then end i feel like a Sherpa with pockets back with heat-inducing clothing remnants.

After spending our interval ride on Wednesday in the rain and below 40 degrees riding up towards Angeles Oaks, today the Great Outdoors boasts sunny clear skies and temperatures in the low 60's. Go figure. I did, however, find a Tire Swing on my MTB adventure, I did not try it. May have to go back tomorrow...but I am not a fan of falling on loose corrugated steal in spandex. Although my tetanus shot is up to date.

The view from Sunny Zanja Peak. Nice.

On a sadder note, Shelli moved to Montana. It's way cold there. And its a long ways away. Boooooooo....And this photo is really small. What gives?!

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