Thursday, February 25

He's in SCHOOL!

Things always seem better on the other side of the fence, or the other side of the world! Nephew Griffyn has successfully enter year 5 of life, which also means going to school in a super cute school uniform!! As a side note, that means my sister Julene had him 5 years ago, which makes her old.

Speaking of the sister, she has ROCKED through 6 Chemo sessions and come out better on the back side!! Well, minus some hair! She pulled a Brittney in the mall and got that mop shaved off! Starting from scratch ain't ever bad! And she looks pretty darn cute!! I got the clippers close by and I just MIGHT....go for a shorter look. Yes, my hair can get shorter!!

I got a box! The Parental Units just returned from a trip to Zambia with a 3 week stop in New Zealand. They picked up this RAD New Zealand cycling jersey for me! Our kits haven't come in yet, so today, Im going to my own MS ride in honor of Julene and wear it!

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