Saturday, March 5

OH, that's RIGHT!

I forgot why my shoulder hurt so bad, then I remembered I got hit by a landscaping truck on Thursday. I should have stopped right then and sold his 3 lawn mowers, because everyone knows he has no insurance or money for that matter. So I rode away. I KNOW! I should have stayed blah blah blah, but I have little time to dilly dally, and you know the Redlands police are SUPER busy checking pot-hole depth and discussing whether or not they should remove the massive palm fronds from middle of the road. No time for smashed cyclists.

It was super weird actually because I got "hit" well a car bumper nicked my calf, like 1:30 earlier doing an illegal u-turn. This guy did an illegal u-turn left infront of me and I just slammed into the side panel at the side-view mirror, poor wheel went under the tire. I am writing this in jest, because its ridiculous, but I really am SUPER lucky that I yelled and he stopped. That could have been bad bad bad!

I didn't want to call Brian, he was doing a big ride. I didn't want to call anyone. So I just went home. And then of course the phone call from Brian. Hey how was your ride? Good. How was yours....oh ya, I got hit by a car...and I think I ruined your wheel....And this is when we knew BMc was a keeper "I don't care about the wheel, I would go buy a whole new set today, as long as you are ok", about that new wheel set..:))

So moral of the story: It's OK to call your significant other in a time of out for cars making illegal u-turns (today I saw 7!!!) And even in the daylight, nobody can see my black kit and bike. Sigh...


Tim said...

You need to get your bike powder coated lime green with sparkles like I did. Everyone sees me now. I think they even have glow-in-the-dark powder coatings.

An airhorn might help too!

Julene said...

I like Tim's idea. Any neon color would do. A loud horn. And flashing lights.

But if the idiot is going to do something stupid, probably nothing will work.

I am so glad you are ok!

Haley said...

I think some sparkling streamers and a flag like they use for four wheeling in the dunes would help! So happy you are ok!

allison said...

Sorry for the bad luck but amusing post none-the-less. I almost got hit twice in one day a few weeks ago. Watch out and be safe! We all know BMc is a keeper for ya!!

Running Bums said...

You guys should add some neon and glow i the dark/reflective stars! I don't want to worry about any of you!