Friday, March 6

I need to re-evaluate...nah...

The night before a race usually finds me with my feet up on the couch eating something delicious. Last Saturday night the scenario was much different.

This picture explains a lot.
1.) I have a better tan than most due to riding a bike and being outside all day
2.) The bilateral iliac crest bruises occured at this precise moment
3.) I have no problem taking kids down
4.) My boss/athletic directore, #4 sets the bar high for fitness

Would I have opted out of the game to prep mentally, physically and emotionally for the race Sunday? maybe last year. But not now. It has been hilarious all week hearing the students laugh about how bad the teachers were (even though we beat them) how we must have cheated, and how funny we looked. They were so stoked to be able to guard me, block my shot, or laugh with us on the court.

And at the end of the day, that is probably more important. Or so i believe today!


JESSE said...

Joy, your blog rocks! I found out about tuesday nights :) march 10th is the start of the pain! Starting out on sunset with no base miles is going to hurt! OH well... cya there maybe.

Rachel said...

Yep. Build relationships with kids is vital specially if you are their teacher.

Julene said...

I told our PE teacher about the teacher vs student games and she is really excited. I know Rouru is in...but I may just be a cheerleader...if/when the students laugh at me they would really be laughing AT me, not with!