Sunday, February 11

May I have your attention, Please

This coming Thursday, February 15, I will be helping host a Ladies Night at Don's Bike Shop in Rialto, CA. Tonya Bray, founder of will also be presenting.

Sorry Veeze and other males who have planned on sneaking in the back, you gotta be a girl!! But i wouldn't tell them if i saw you in the back!! this was in the local newspaper, gives a run down of what will be covered. I had no idea it was there, until Veeze said so and Michelle showed Jason the clip!

Also, you can RSVP at this site:

Hopefully a bunch of you can come! We will have a lot of fun, and hopefully some delicious snacks!!

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what about bob said...

Joy is a role model. I wanna be a guest speaker!

Oh wait, no I don't, I failed speech class like 3 times. :)