Tuesday, June 20

I really don't want to update my blog

I am feeling bland and overwhelmed leaving me with only a slight sense of humor and a slice of angst.

There are many directions i could go for this past weekend: bitter, afraid, excited, hilarious

I could delve into all the nasty things i heard and the attitudes that were copped. I could divulge my new excitement for maybe one day being a team manager and always hanging around in the pro feed zone. (They better have a budget for me though, i dont do all charity work) I could talk about the insane racers on the east side and my new wish to move to Vermont so that i can train there, serious.

But the bottom line is this: I got bit by really large bugs in annoying spots that still really hurt.

Actually, i loved my recent adventure. I have never been mentally tested like this in a race before. I have been pushed physically but not quite like this. I saw the event as a training day to build my descending confidence and skill, which definately happened. I heard people cheer for me and even say my name that i have never met! The top of the expert field still even talked to me and wanted to know how i did and affirmed my efforts. Everyone has developed from somewhere. Everyone has had to be pulled from an event, for some it was last week, for others it was 5 years ago, but the event took place none the less.

I found that just as motivating and exciting as racing is watching the race. I met a tone of people in the feed zone, one being Adam Craigs feeder. i also got to get autographs from all the Luna Chics and chatted a bit with Georgia Gould.

I got back into LAX at 5pm so i just decided to put my bike together in the long-term parking lot instead of getting on the freeway parking lot. Then of course i got lost on the way home, because i dont "do" freeways or LA, then my cell phone battery died so i couldnt call anyone and when i used a pay phone in Fontanait took my 55 cents and said try again.

Next up: some serious bike cleaning, serious training, and non-serious grad school!

Then off to Deer Valley in a few! At least i didnt womit this time!
Oh yes, my rear wheel minus tire, tube, cassette, and maybe spokes, will be racing in the World Cup in Mont Saint Anne this weekend. Go wheel go! Actually go Teri and Christie!!!

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Isabelle said...

A little bit heartbroken that we didn't get to hang out in VT, I loved that course, yes, the black flies got me too.