Wednesday, June 21

I lost some stuff

Man, I lose EVERYTHING! First, i couldnt find the USB thing to put some pictures on this thing, now i cant find the camera to attach to the USB thing that i just found! Oh well. I really didnt take any cool pictures. i think about cool things to take pictures of, but it is just too time consuming. I know, point and shoot, but come on, i am pretty busy.

Today Uriah and I did a million things. We walked on "single track" to the mountain post office to pick up very exciting junk mail. We then took pet Dozer to the creek because he was overheating. We decided to walk up the creek bed for some excellent leg work. We then went to the "city" where it was over 100 degrees for some delightful whole wheat subs and laundry, lots of it. Home Girl Robyn come and hung out with us at the Mentone washette, what a friend. Sure made the time fly!

I forgot about some things in VT. I got a new roommate. Teri and i pretty much did everything together. Stay in a small room in twin beds, talk about food, boys and our pets. This girl is CRAZY about cats (not KITTENS) and i am crazy about Dozer (duh) so most of our conversations vierd in that direction eventially. This was fun, very fun.

The girls laughed "with" me a lot, but when i think about it, they may have been laughing "at" me. hmmm, suspect. I also realized that Greg and i have a lot in common. Sugar, snacks, bagels, food, sitting around! He was excellent to have on the trip and oh so helpful. I felt so bad that he worked on my bike a bit that i gave him my LAST Nerd Rope aka nerds stuck together with gooey goodness for all his efforts. That IS a big deal!

Funny thing on the course: i will select ONE
I slid off of wood bridge, first oh 6 minutes of the race, rear tire first. Fell on my back between the bridge and a tree, bike on top of me. Begin to get up. Girl does the exact same thing and falls on top of me with her bike. hmm. Then the racers coming on the course start yelling to get out of the way. Suspect, very suspect.

i LOVED the course marshals! They all talked a bit funny like Canada and Louisinna, must be North East. They were really very nice! Maybe it was because i had been hanging around the course for 3 days doing multiple pre-rides (walks) so they knew me by jersey.

I asked if it Snowed in Albany. idiot.
A girl said she liked my jersey (who knows why) and asked where i was from. Said SO Cal, she asked if i ride in Sonoma a lot. No.

I need to go bleach my teeth.


Michael Eichel said...

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Christie said...

hmmn not sure who michael eichel is but you should prob delete that comment!

YOur update is HILARIOUS! I told Greg has had to read it. I think you are right about the things you have in common. I stole a bite of the NERDS ROPE. YUM!

Anonymous said...

ummm....Christie stole WAY more than a mere 'bite' of the NerdsRope...