Thursday, June 22

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Wedding Registry 101
Totally hit up Bed, Bath and Beyond today. They gave me the whole deal about going to a Bridal Show and planning blah blah blah. Uriah was sitting on the floor or twirling in the chair so i told the guy to get to it.

When you create a registry, and i am far from done by the way, and other stores will be added and probably taken off in the near future, you have to put a little of everything. The under $10 items for those who dont want to pay up, and the over $200 items for those who feel bad about something. There are a few items, however, that are paramount. If i get these (please note the word "I") i will give the giver something grand: THE MAGIC BULLET as seen on TV no i do not have a TV, but when i did, i saw this infomercial a lot and MUST HAVE IT!! Only $49.99!
This one is special! The Single Egg Fry Pan i did buy one awhile back, but it just didnt last. Please note that the egg is frowning.

Probably if you buy me these, i will make you something delicious with them. The Bullet - well you pick. Bean Dip; mixed drink; chocolate mousse; smoothie. The Egg Killer - an egg. Pretty much meets the amount of cash you put towards it.

I will be sure to highlight my favorite items from each registry to insure that i get them. Speaking of INSURE is supposed to be a really good during the race/ride beverage. Also, i have read TWICE that Chocolate OValtine is just as good as our high end recovery drinks, and a lot cheaper. And yes, i do read. Jason thinks i am illiterate, i just cant spell.


Veeze Price said...

ensure's do help. i used them during the 12hour in big bear and during the brian head epic100 last year. sometimes i drink one for breakfast or when i'm in a hurry to get out the door.

Christie said...

hey! i have that same egg pan. one note of caution: use a over mit because that EGG guy gets really hot. I burned my hand pretty bad on that thing, but it makes a mean egg!