Wednesday, June 14

Going on an Outing

Today is spent tallying student absences and tardies and averages and totals in an attempt to get out of work early. Once i hit the home turf i must figure out how to dismantle my bike appropriately and place it nicely in its little traveling box.

Christie, Mr. Pleiss and i are on a red eye from LAX to Albany to embarc on my first ever non CA/UT race! I am excited being words, yet terrified! We are heading to Vermont for the NMBS #3.

I hear they have killer single track and delicious Maple Syrup, so if nothing else swings in my favor, i know a great time will be had and excellent food will be eaten. And thats what it is all about!!

I havent had any pics of the nephew for a bit, i think he wears clothes, maybe only when they go to church though! What a nudist!


Anonymous said...

Auntie Joy - are you sure it is ok to show naked photo's on your blog? Not in NZ! Hey, I was actually LOOKING for something to wear but wrong closet...nothing fit!

Love you!

Shelli said...

How did the race go in the Northeast! You need to update your blog, so we can all keep tabs on you from far away! Hey what is going on with the wedding? NC is awesome and I wish you could be here to enjoy it with me! I am about to embark on a great afternoon of mtn biking in the great smoky mountains! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Miss ya! Shelli