Friday, June 9


This blog entry is dedicated to all the things non-cycling in my life. I would like to prove that i am not completely consumed by the bike and that i indeed lead a well-rounded and multi-faceted life, where biking is merely my means to deal with all things good and bad and to keep me in shape and motivated and to maintain a high quality of life. Ok, so it is pretty important.

There are days that i do not ride my bike, clean it, fix it, or even move it. On these days i enjoy doing the dishes, cleaning my house, petting Dozer and picking up sticks in the yard. I have been known to iron t-shirts and color code all polo shirts in my closet (i have to wear them to work.)These days you may also find me in graduate school learning not all that much about teaching. In the winter these specific days will send me to the High Desert or Desert Desert for various sports contests with a myriad of jr. high or high school students. Usual i drive them and coach them and make them play "name that tune" with the 80's rock station because that is the only way that i consistantly win!

Although most people think i am obsessed with the bike, i am more obsessed with making things clean and tidy and organized, thus the frequent tag of OCD. I really like to cook too - while working at a Bike shop up north, i also worked at a Bed and Breakfast where i learned to make some delightful things! Stuff like Potato Crust Frittata, baked/glazed grapefruit, and french toast souffle. If i had a house larger than 3 parking spots, i would entertain every weekend! I never cook out of a box for sure, and when cooking I turn my head and ignore all signs of carbohydrates, saturated fats, and sugar. Duh.

I am also in the midst of planning a delightful wedding. I have pretty much been putting this off, but now my co-workers have just showed me binders full of floral arrangments, ring designs, table layouts, and up-dos. I am way behind track, but that is ok.

I have parents too. They live smack dab in the middle of Florida, strategily placed so that if you sat on the roof around 9pm, you could see the fireworks from Sea World, Epcot, Disney, and MGM all at the same time! They travel around the world taking pictures and doing neat things! They keep trying to make us kids move to FL, but that is a total no-go!

Uriah and Jason are totally real too. I have a picture, but i can't seem to post it! Uriah is 7 and just finished the first grade. I am totally going to brain wash him and make him race bikes. I think he will give it a go at the next Cal State. He just has a BMX and is arfaid the pegs could hurt another kid, so he wants to take them off. When discussing upgrading with him, he stated that he would not move up to expert until he was consistantly winning the races and beating everyone. good to know!

Jason is a finish-carpenter and has made some quite impressive things like huge decks, ornate window casings, doors that started as trees, and an observatory.

Contrary to popular belief, i do read, magazines. I will let all my Title9, Athleta, and REI catalogs pile up. Then i will go through each one, circle everything i want with a Sharpie, then promplty throw them away.
So things are pretty interesting for me. But now, my bike is sitting on the steps, ready for a washing!


laura said...

That's a beautiful dress you're wearing!

And...when is the wedding? Please, please, please not this fall. Please after about...February so I can come?

julene said...

Hey OCD - we must be related...Rouru says the same for me. I just finisehd rearanging the lounge for like the 3rd time in the past month or so:) You look like a total hotty sis...I'm so jealouse! Have fun in life and hi to Jason!