Wednesday, July 19

One at A Time

One little photo at a time, you can see a bit of what im talking about. This is Ruger, Dozers brother. Bets are being placed on who would win in a tussle.

Ok, so Snoopy Dozzy Doz takes a lot of naps. I really want to super-impose the pictures of the pets on each other to see how they really match up!

Once again, Griffyn with not much clothes on. This kid is crazy and i am quite excited that he and his mom are coming over from New Zealand for my little wedding!

So i have no pictures of races or events or neat things like that. Maybe by the end of the season i will catch some good ones so that i can share! Tomorrows pictures will cover the HOUSE that i now hang out in and that has internet! Thank goodness!

I am quite void of funny stories too, a bit of a let down i must say.

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