Friday, July 21

Snack Attack!!

I went to the Elkhorn General Store up at the top of town as i was on my way to visit the old neighborhood. The Pet and i were in need of a snack so this is what we got for 60 cents: Biscuits and Razzmatazz for me!! I think i may have moved on from the Nerd Rope, but they can always be worked back into the mix of things. These salty/sour/sugary treats are quite nice. While surfing for them on the web, i only found this site which made my mouth water.

Snoop Doz and I had a hard day. We did A LOT of yard work and we are not NEAR being done!! He found his first ever pine cone, the big kind, and went at it like it was a hedgehog. Only problem is the sap he is now covered with which in turn picked up dirt, leaves, and creatures.

NOT HELPFUL: Here you get a glimps of the "SUmmer Kitchen." There is still a lot of work to be done, and many leaves to be moved from all around it, but it is a fantastic set up for bbq's and sitting in the cool air. Mosquitoes seem to be less than up the canyon, as well as spiders, all for that!! Doz loves it out here because it is so cool, and it is a perfect spot to set up the trainer for early morning rides. Doz met the neighbor today. He was grilling his hot dogs and Pet timed it jus right to meet up right as he took them off the grill and he politely sat and waited for his share. Good thing the neighbor didnt give in, others have not been so strong, and Snoop came back to the yard, sad.

PS: Do you like my new Profile Photo?? It took me quite awhile to find that one. I will break down and buy some Jose Ole Prodcuts and take pictures of me and pet eating them for a future blog.

PSS: My friend Haley is thinking of making a coffee table book titled "Baking With Barbie." Would you like to see some of the proofs? The book will highlight Barbie Stew, Barbie Kabab, frozen Barbie and many more. Feel free to suggest other forms in which a Barbie could be cooked!


Christie said...

those snacks look good on that nice table! ;o)

Matt said...

I'm telling Gareth.

Christie said...

you see... the table used to be mine! that is why i say the snacks look good. i guess i would try those razz things though!