Saturday, July 29


Big break through in the land of blogging: I MADE LINKS ON THE SIDE!! IF you would like to be added to my link list, please submit a 100 word essay on why you deserve the pleasure of being added to my "what i look at list." Pet and i will talk it over, and we will let you know. Winner will get free Chimichangas. If you are already on the list and would like to be removed, please follow the above steps. Prize remains the same.

one day, it was hot. I tend to read a lot random blogs. A recent trend of "poor me's and wahs" is the car thermometer. So far, i win. This was taken last saturday in San Bernardino, CA. Jason and i were on the way to dinner at the Aunts house. Of course no AC, the only way i didnt freak out was to take pictures as the temp went from 111 steadily up to 117. Jason said he would cry if it hit 120, thank goodness i didnt have to go through that. My tank top and skirt were drenched when we arrived. it has been lovely to drive to grad school in 98 degrees the past few days. What a treat! Really!

BINGES: Riding - super stealth training this week, multiple days. I know about it and you can only speculate. But going out this morning, covered in fog-drip was fantastic.

Cooking - since i live in a life-size home now, i can cook. I am not used to the circa 1948 propane stove however, and tend to singe the hair on my arm each time i light the over. This will make me ride faster. Things i have made: Cheese cake; pumpkin-chocolate chip bars; fruited mock-duck curry; tomatoe/basil salad; pita/watercress salad; fruit salad with lime and honey; taco soup. So pretty much i have some left overs, but it tends to act as therapy.

Dozer time - the days are ticking away until i report back to work proper and i can no longer sit around with Pupples T. I totally caught him on the futon, he is actually looking for his bone and he later ate that pillow. When i woke up this morning he was sleeping on the spare bed. Oh well. it is my fault anyways, i am the one that spoiled him.


laura said...

Mmmm. I love your fruited mock duck curry recipe. :)

Joy said...

LAura - when is the baby coming??? Give me a URL and i will put it on my links ASAP!!

Christie said...

um... i think i would like some of the cheesecake and pumpkin bars please!

good job on the links!