Thursday, July 20

8 weeks to a thinner you...

And other scams. This headline is what met me as i opened up Yahoo News this morning, i mean afternoon when i finally arose from doing some serious sleep-debt payback. But why do i still feel like i got run over by a small farm machine?

So as soon as i am done here i will start planning my next 8 weeks to being gaunt, i mean skinny. Maybe they will suggest parking in the farthest spot from the grocery store and foregoing all condiments, even cream in the coffee. sure, that is really going to shed the pounds.

I did my cycling at the gym yesterday because a) it was reallly hot outside b) free hot water, no worries about the propane % c) my ability to self-motivate is at an all-time low. I cant go in there and ride the bike for 15 minutes and pretend i am all bad, you actually have to stay awhile. I did, however, run into some problems. I go to the farthest corner of the aerobics room, by the step boxes and boxing bags and usually turn the lights off. But they still come. People see me in there, are you teaching a class?? What? In the corner with my iPod and alone? NO! But they proceed to PULL not properly move the bikes across the floor. Once again i have to digress from my workout to instruct them on proper bike movement, even though they should not be there. Then they ride it like a BMX bike, knees hitting their chest, one speed all out. They see me climb out of the saddle and they follow, leaning on the handle bars, feet spinning out of control like the Road Runner. At least it took some of the pain away while i wondered how i would tell them that they needed bilateral knee replacements.


This is the Spare Room. i havent had one of these, ever in my life. if there was a room, someone was living in it or was at college put lived in it on weekends or holidays. please notice the yellow bike, thats the new one! Yes, the Sonoma number plate is still on it, but i HAVE NOT ridden it since!! And yes, i do know that the other bike has no seat. There is even a mattress under this bed, it is supposed to be a bunk bed but there is NO way it would ever fit! So slumber parties are definately being planned for the near future!!

LIVING ROOM: Please know that my old house was NO LARGER THAN THIS ROOM!! I realized today that Dozer sleeps on the futon, which is why there is a cover on the cover. I also have no idea what to do with the blue ethernet cord, there is only one phone jack that works. Maybe a huge rug. I am also afraid of the wood stove, but i am sure that will pass.

No more tour pictures today. Tomorrow we may head outside to the "Summer Kitchen" and i will highlight some of the other high end features!

Bikes All Around: I mentioned before that i went to my buddy Haidi's bday party. well she got hooked up with a killer bike! Basket and all. The seat was falling into the frame so i went to the car and got my tools and fixed it. THis actually made me look like a freak, so did the 37 on my calf from the race earlier that day. If they only knew...

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Christie said...

nice pix! the new place looks great, especially with all of that awesome furniture! ;o)

... take that number plate OFF! ;o)