Saturday, October 14

The things I hate...

Places I have fallen asleep lately:
1. Dental Chair
2. Aesthetician Chair (bit of a brow trimming)
3. Tanning bed (lame attempt to get rid of cycling lines)
4. During a pedicure

Things i hate now:
1. Filing teeth down
2. The stupid massage thing on the pedicure chair, makes me feel like i will vomit!
3. Someone else cutting my nails
4. Rain, its raining the day before my outdoor wedding reception, suspect!!!

Race Recap: Last weekend was the Fall Classic. A bit of a podium shot, it was just the two of us in our class, about 10 experts total. i think i came in 3rd overall. it was a good day but not an exciting day by any means. i took a tumble on Fall Line and acrued blunt force trauma bruises to both patellas and my forearm. This totally flared up that knee issue i got in April at Sagebrush. Oops.

THis week i have been laclusterly not riding. its ok though. Jason and i hit up Loch Leven one morning as i lined out the reception tables in my head.

The family is knocking and the favors need to be finished. A picnic is to be had at the Falls, hopefully not too wet and cold. I also need to get a jacket for tomorrow, i feel like it will be chilly!!

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