Friday, October 27


Just like in the magazines, when something is misrepresented, spelled wrong, or completely off the wall to begin with, they write in the next issue, in a small box in the editorial section what they have done wrong. Now whether or not the wronged parties ever find out is never known, but ill-penned authors feel all that much better about themselves.

Now, some may have found one and a half comments in a previous post, which is now absent, to be a bit brash and of the unprofessional nature.

Heres the deal: I have nothing but the utmost respect for ALL my fellow racers. We are all on the same emotional, athletic, and spiritual roller coaster that could buck any one of us off at any given second. We each come to the plate with our own set of oddities, and as you all know, i am definately not protected from this affliction. Rarely can i find my shoes, sometimes i wear hawaiin raps instead of pants, my kit looks like a pinata and i have big teeth. I talk too much and at times my mental filter is malfunctioning.

Point being, i wouldn't race if it wasn't for the people i race with and against. You girls have given me the motivation and the desire to train, eat moderatly well (check out the new Buffalo Ranch Doritos...) and be a better person.

See you on the trails.

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Anonymous said...

I never found your posts offending - just amusing. It is sad that people's oversensativity made you feel like you had to pull your observations and experiences racing.....please don't censor yourself!