Saturday, October 7

Grey tooth and other oddities

GREY TOOTH: This story began in the spring of 2001 as i rode my bike the 2 miles to a very exciting Statistics class. This particular morning i was wearing no helmet, gloves, riding shoes, or super hero outfit. I took a digger about 200 yards from my front door on solid asphalt. The abrubt stop left me with a split open forehead, 3 teeth basically gone, a hole in my chin and my left palm, a broken watch and sunglasses, and a skinned up knee. By late afternoon i had 3 "new" teeth that have lasted until that incident with the nerd rope a few months back. Thus began the teeth bleaching. Once they reached a certain level of bling, the dentist pull off the compositis and replaced them with temporary teeth, which have lasted about 3 weeks. This is when Jason began calling me Grey Tooth because all the others were shining and the dull temps were collecting EVERYTHING! As of Tuesday, i have three porceline veneers, just like on Extreme Makeover. You know, when they take women who have had a hard run of things and put them through a blender and chances are they come out looking like a drag queen. I did ask if boobs were an option too for me. They said no. So now, my pearly whites are just that, WHITE.

LINGERIE PARTY: not quite sure how you spell that, but whatever! Last Saturday there was a bit of party on my behalf. They should have known better! People know how i freak out if i am the center of attention. It was like group therapy through laughter. There were some pictures to post, but we just wont go there. sorry fan club.

JASON, THE CYCLIST: After a saturated fat filled breakfast at The Oaks last sunday, the boy and i headed to Big Bear. The goal was to pre-ride the Fall Classic course, which i will race tomorrow. There are some down hill sections i wanted to get a good visual of before actually racing on them. Now this course is 18 miles long with about 80% fireroad and the single track goes way too fast. The climbing is moderate, if you compare it to Brian Head or something stupid like that. I keep forgetting that Jason is riding a BIG bike, a bit on the heavy side, with flat pedals and old riding shorts from my "bigger" days. I will preface with the fact that he made it ALL THE WAY!!! I was so proud of him! However, he was very rude and called me a liar about 62 times, walked his bike a bit, and swore he would hitch a ride home. Other than that, it was great. I guess i used all the bad phrases like "we are almost done climbing" or "Just around the corner" and other such nonesense. So maybe it was a bit much to bite off after him just riding up and down Loch Leven, once. But yesterday i bought him "The Zinn of MOutnain Bike Maintenance" because he has promised to come to as many of my fantastic events as possible and make sure my bikes are in tip top shape. Now that, my friends, is commitment!!! Also, he got a box in the mail yesterday from Performance with Pearl Izumi shoes, a greatful dead jersey, and stealth mat-black helmet and some shorts from Fox. Yup, hes hooked!!!

IS THERE A WEDDING? Um yes. Now i totally promise that there will be pictures to post from that one! Family will start arriving on Tuesday, first to come sister Julene From New Zealand. Then the parents from Florida/Sacramento and Friday brother from Colorado. Uriah will be traveling down with Jasons mom, who the kid has actually never met and Jason hasnt seen his mom for about 5 years, so this is actaully a very important weekend. We are going the chill mode with a private family ceremony in Riverside and then a bit of a mountain reception up here in Forest Falls. I am quite excited about the tables. It is amazing what you find to obsesse about during such functions. I realize that this is just a mid-scale party celebrating Jason and I, so why get all crazy about it. There is nobody to really impress and the fact that i am going to be wearing a dress should be impressive enough, thats for sure! I am contemplating doing the nails thing again, but i am not fully committed yet!

CONSERVATIONISTS: if you have seen Uncle Greg Johnsons car parked at Loch Leven or Angeles Oaks recently with a plastic trashbag by the trunk, dont jump to odd conclusions. He has taken upon himself to clean up the forest. Any trash found in the parking area gets placed in that bag and i am sure he picks up stuff on the ride as well. IF you are lucky enough to ride with him, DO NOT throw your Gu wrappers in the woods, or he will swiftly get Edward to take you down. So maybe on your next ride, pick up some trash too.

OLD SCHOOL RACERS: Speaking of Ed and Greg, all the old, i mean "LEGENDS" are going to be out racing the Fall Classic tomorrow. There is no money on it yet, but Uncle Greg says he is going to come off the couch and beat my time. I told him that if he does, it is simply gravity pulling him down faster on the descents. It has nothing to do with skill.

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