Wednesday, November 1

Hardest Day at work...

First, i eat yogurt every day. I abhor fruit on the bottom, yet i continue to accidently purchase it, and not realize what it actually is until i have dug in.

Wedding gift from my coworkers: Paid the tab on Jason's Fat Pussom Mountain Bike

A brief Honeymoon night sported by my mountain bike pals: The Mission Inn

An excellent sponsorship package and support from: Team Jose Ole

A working heater in the house: The fire place was literally filling the house and loft - where we sleep (pet included) with smoke. The chimney was swept two times and different wood was used. Finally we resorted to the huge propane heater. Although it took us well over 30 minutes to figure out how to jerry-rig it so that it stays on, it works. It smelled like cat urine for awhile and Jason and i stare helplessly down into the abyss that holds the piping hot coils, a straw, a baby spoon and tooth brush, Dozers fur and cobwebs. So far, nothing has ignited.

Oh yes, the hardest day: Monday was parent teacher conferences at the school i work at. We were all slotted to be there and available for 15 minute appointments from 7am until 6pm. I had.....NOBODY sign up to see me, the entire day!!! So i arrived at around 8:15 and left at 5pm. I did grading, attendence, and lesson plans. We also got lunch from La Basil. What a very difficult day.

That evening, I convinced Jason to come with me to the high school barn party at Riley Farms. This place was crazy. We were in the old packing shed where we drank apple cider, square danced and had a soup contest. I was a bit disgruntled that mine did not win, but i guess you have to let the kids win every now and again.
Thanx cousin Malora for fixing my hair! (and Audrey and Ector for finding the foliage for my du)

Our bride/groom cake from Martha Greens!

The reception, thank you SALLY AND RICH for sharing your awesome home!!!

So it is a bit out of focus... but this is us in the Historic Riverside Court House. the Judge was awesome!!! "I would highly suggest ceremony C. It is short and to the point yet personal enough to make it special." Super

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