Friday, November 3

bottles of death

"Don't drink water from a bottle that has been sitting in your car. Heated plastic will bleed toxic substances that can be carcinogenic. Don't heat or freeze in plastic for the same reason. Heat in glass. Do NOT cook in olive oil at high heat. This too is carcinogenic. It is fine to saute in olive oil but if you are browning or frying, use canola oil. Spices that are cancer preventative, particularly prostate and colon cancer, are cinnamon and tumeric. "

I got this quote off of Sheryl Crows official website regarding her bout with Breat Cancer. I drink out of my cycling bottles everyday and sometimes they get really hot in my car, or i put coffee in them (totally extreme situations only). My brother Jeremy told me to stop using Nalgene bottles and to go totally glass. SO, mission number one: FInd a class bottle that i can take EVERYWHERE with me like a cycling one...

Be healthy!

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Christie said...

wow! thanks for the info!