Monday, December 11

it has begun, finally, i think...

Winter that is. But i think it may be lying to us. I woke up Sunday morning and i could see the snow line out the window and the ice crystals on the banister. the fog was hovering closer than it has since March, and the mountain traffic has slowed about 15 MPH. It must be winter.

IT HAS...BEEN just a bit since you last got a view into what in the world is going on. There are somethings that make me laugh OUT LOUD even NOW as they have happened a few weeks back.
1.) I go mtn biking on fridays with the girls from work. we are a chill group, just out there looking at the sand. I asked one coworker if she wanted to join us. she said should could not because someone stole something off her bike. What was it i asked? Her wheels. Plural. She had not noticed and the crime must have taken place early last year. hmmm. Hard core for sure. Also, she said i was allowed to mock her on my blog....

2.) Another friend has a young girl, about 8, who REALLY likes to wear her bikini under everything, everywhere. He had gotten a bit tired of this drama, so as they left for their christmas piano recital, he rifled through his drawer and found his bright, red, lifeguard SPEEDO, from way back in the glory days. He pulled it on over his dress pants and proudly marched to the car. "Look, the whole family is going to wear their bathing suits to the concert. This is fun." Needles to say, the young one started to shed her layers right there as she ran flailing into the house, trying to rid herself of her once loved swimmers. I LOVE it!

3.) Shelli saw something HORRIBLE hahahhaha in Hulda Crooks that made her RUN AWAY, doubling her projected run time, and upsetting the pristine balance of her belly. procreation has many locations.

4.) I had to ride my bike to work. It was 24 degrees. They had sanded for ICE. There was water everywhere. i thought of a happy place.

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Laura said...

that girl just wants a training bra, that's all.