Wednesday, December 27

Packin it up

Going to good old Florida tomorrow for a bit of family fun. Should be about 75 degrees with clear skys. Nice. I actually packed the trainer in a duffle bag for the visit. I pulled a slick mountain tire out and i am planning on stealing my moms Trek hybrid for some base mile action. Since the only way to go up in FL is to ride an overpass, and i have not-so-fond memories of dodging Armadillo carcases during college summers, i plan to avoid riding on the pavement. Plus, it just takes forever. At least they will feel my presence out on the patio instead of far off in the swamps.
We are flying back to the IE on the 2nd, and my parents moving van, which will move them to Sacramento, is coming on the 3rd. I wonder what we will be doing...None the less, it is always better than working. Well, my job is pretty cool from time to time...

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