Tuesday, December 19

I found some stuff..

Like my USB chord. Again. But then i lost one glove. Just one. I have 4 pairs of cycling gloves, some with long fingers, some stained with blood from my last nose bleed during a long climb, and some so old that there is no purpose in wearing them at all. The only valueble pair of gloves i have today are my Mountain Hardware COLD weather gloves. I have to wear them in the house, in the car, and anywhere in my mountain town. And, i only have one. Jason mocked me with some lame correlation to Michael Jackson, which in anger, i threw the right handed glove...somewhere. Now i just went to the car to get my coffee mug and there, under the drivers seat, was the LEFT hand glove. Once again, i am not too proud to say, i am wearing one glove.

On our thanksgiving trip, i only took one picture. This is Jason and Uriah VERY excited to be photographed, in our very small hotel with no phone.

Sometimes, Dozer wants to play, with my foot. Good thing he doesnt go for my cankle with its succulent flesh!

Christmas in a warmer place, like another continent would be nice. These boys are just cooling off from the hot summer weather. That is Rouru, my brother in law and of course Griffyn.

This mornings inside temp is actually 3 degrees WARMER than yesterdays. We have run into an energy snaffoo as we try to heat our poorly insulated mountain pad. Before we went to bed we actually got the temp up to 59, what a nice feeling. I had been keeping it at 61 degrees all the time with the GIANT propane heater. BUt, the propane ran out after 3 weeks. This stinks because it is a costly resource. We know it is the lack of insulating and archaic windows and the cold air whipping through the door jams and the fact that the heater is very inefficiant. So now, back to chopping wood and waking up on rotations during the night to "stoke the fire" I just hope pet doesnt freeze while we are absent. Last night i put him in a down sleeping bag because he was literally shivering. What a powder puff.

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